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Add ‘Sloppy Steve’ to Trump’s nickname list of people he loathes

Add ‘Sloppy Steve’ to Trump’s nickname list of people he loathes

This one’s gonna stick

Thursday night, Trump’s nickname list, reserved for those he loathes, got a new member: Steve Bannon.

Trump and former aide Bannon are embroiled in a days-long very public flame war over quotes Bannon made for Michael Wolff’s upcoming book, “Fire and Furry”; a book billed as an insider view into the first year of the Trump administration.

Bannon, never one to dress up, is known for his unkempt appearance, and so a nickname was born, ‘Sloppy Steve.’

And it’s a nickname that’s likely to stick:

Trump’s unflattering list of nicknames is fairly lengthy:

Naturally, the internet ran with it:

Take this advice, kids. I made this mistake while putting this post together. There are things you cannot unlearn.


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This might be the funniest post on LI ever.

For Sloppy Steve I am glad to see the chickens come home to roost.


Six-year-olds, everywhere.

And it seems to be spreading fast.

No, it’s not going to stick because Steve Bannon will never be heard from again. But it’s fun kicking a guy while he’s down, huh?

    maxmillion in reply to Matt_SE. | January 6, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Fitzgerald was wrong, there ARE second acts in American life, and Bannon has shown himself be be remarkably resourceful. I wouldn’t count him out.

The book is a great distraction from the upcoming cage match.

I’m still wondering if Mueller is Snape or Fudge.

Bannon is about as sharp ad the come.

Why did he decide to self destruct?

    Because he’s not as sharp as they come. Bannon is a hood, a thug. Actually, he may be worse than that since he’s about exploiting his audience and stirring up division and hate to further his own desire for absolute power. Think Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. That’s all he is, another Beck, another Jones. Another nobody looking to make a buck off of gullible, stupid useful idiots.

    Bannon is the typical causality of hubris and the corruption of power; he didn’t decide to self-destruct, he was inherently built to do so. Unlike Andrew Breitbart, Bannon was (still is) an opportunist, and he self-destructed. He got too confident, too arrogant, and just too much. In Trump’s world, there’s only room for one gigantic ego, and Trump’s it. Thus Bannon (and Mooch) had to go.

      snopercod in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | January 6, 2018 at 7:23 am

      I’m confused. It was only a year ago when Bannon was credited with being the genius behind Trump’s win. Now the two men are supposed to hate each other? So I’m wondering if it was fake news back then or it’s fake news now? In your opinion, is there any possibility that this pissing match between them has been intentionally staged? Trump has done many outrageous (at first impression) things in the past to consume the attention of the media Oxygen while he’s off doing something important behind the scenes. The press _always_ falls for it. Could this feud be another Galactic-Grand-Master-Level troll?

        Tom Servo in reply to snopercod. | January 6, 2018 at 9:08 am

        Bannon was always the one who did all the crediting, and apparently he did it by constant behind the back whispering to every reporter in D.C. In retrospect, it’s clear why the early White House days were so disastrous – Trump had Rince Priebus leaking his stories to everyone because that’s how he had always done things, and Bannon counterleaking and also trying to start a war with Trump’s family.

        Bannon is finding out that he’s just made the same mistake that Fredo made in the Godfather – Never Go Against the Family. Other things can be forgiven, that will never be.

        Politically and publicly, Bannon is finished.

          Matt_SE in reply to Tom Servo. | January 6, 2018 at 3:02 pm

          In other word, you like nepotism. You think we owe some allegiance or deference to the RELATIVES of the guy we voted for.

          Did you vote for Ivanka? Did you vote for Trump Jr.? How about Kushner? Have you never read the history of any royal family? Can you not see the conflict of interest in having your advisers also be related to you?

          Bill Clinton + Hillary. Nobody f*cking voted for Hillary in the 90s.

          Barack Obama + Michelle. Nobody f*cking voted for Michelle and her sh*tty school lunches.

          Trump + his kids = A-OK!

        katiejane in reply to snopercod. | January 6, 2018 at 2:46 pm

        Because the current story is no one helped Trump get elected, he did it all on his own, against the entire rest of the world he won based on his own brilliance and personality.

        snopercod, you wrote: “I’m confused. It was only a year ago when Bannon was credited with being the genius behind Trump’s win.”

        Not by me. 😉

      maxmillion in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | January 6, 2018 at 1:30 pm

      His biography augers otherwise.

      Up until I read your post, I couldn’t figure out why Bannon inspires so much hatred in people he’s never met. What did he do to you to merit such treatment?

      I would bet most detractors have never spoken to him, most have never spoken to someone he’s spoken to.

      Some hate him because Trump says so. They are hapless followers. Some hate him because he was an asshole (by some accounts); these people have the most understandable claim. But some others, I think, hate him because he wasn’t big enough to fill Andrew Breitbart’s shoes. They think Bannon ruined a good thing.

      No. Breitbart was doomed the day Andrew died, because he was irreplaceable. I give Bannon credit for trying to do something, even if it was destined to be different. “Something” is a lot more than most people did.

      But if I’m wrong, and you have some specific grievance against him, please tell me.

        I don’t like Bannon, never did. He’s the root of the white supremacist, KKK smears on the president because he has actively courted these people, coaxing them out of the dark and into the light where they do nothing but hobble President Trump.

        Bannon is a grasping opportunist with delusions of grandeur. I loathe him, always have. He represents and pushes everything that I stand against: iron-fisted–violent if necessary–rule, big government, big spending, and the oppression and destruction of his perceived enemies. He’s not shy about his vision for a strong-arm thug government whipping citizens into submission, so it’s not a mystery. He donned “populist” clothes to fool his willing subjects, but he was as naked as they come.

        Ah, so we have to meet and interact with people before we can decide they are scum? How many times have you met with Hillary? Hitler? Ted Kennedy? Charles Manson? John Boehner? Mitch McConnell? Paul Ryan? Oh, never? Uh huh. Next question?

        Shedding Bannon and his rabid lunatic following is the best thing Trump can do . . . as long as he doesn’t over-correct by jumping in bed with McConnell and Ryan. Hopefully, he’s smart enough to know better.

          interesting take. Perhaps you just saw through it before the rest of us did.

          Ha. I don’t know about that, Elle. I just hate smarm and ego, especially when they are combined with a “mission” to “save” something. I’m a student of history, and that combination never bodes well.

          On a personal note, I found him so unkempt and disheveled that I couldn’t bear the sight of him. That’s just me, though, being judgy. The other stuff, I was right about.

          “…as long as he doesn’t over-correct by jumping in bed with McConnell and Ryan.”

          Well, he endorsed McCain in 2016. He endorsed Luther Strange over Mo Brooks in 2017. Indications are that he’s about to endorse Mitt Romney in 2018.
          I would say he’s already in bed with them.

An interesting question; how is it that Mr. Management (who assures us today he’s a “genius”) hires and retains all these incredibly poisonous people?

“Personnel is policy.”

“Character is destiny.”


The man who said:

Nobody knew health care could be so complicated

is the person responsible for the Trump administration being so disastrous.

‘Fire and Fury’ apparently got it right. The joke is on us. A man whose singular talent is slapping monikers on people is our President.

The only people who can celebrate Trump are a combination of nihilist and religious fanatic.

I have a moniker for Trump: Sundowning Trump

    I love what the anti-Trump people are reduced to, in their weak attempts to demonize his performance as President. Next Mueller will get trump indicted for dropping a gum wrapper in front of Trump tower and the media and anti-Trumpers will scream that this heinous act is PROOF that he is a criminal mastermind who, like Al Capone, was tripped up, not for the crimes he is being accused of, but for a mundane offense.

    As to the notion that Trump is the person responsible for the early Trump administration being so disastrous is partially true. But, the Trump administration is unique in modern history. Previous Presidents come into the office with a loyal staff and are supported by party loyalists in Congress and the federal bureaucracy. Trump had none of that, and still lacks much of it. In order to get the support of the GOP, he made Priebus his Chief of Staff. This did not gain him any GOP support and Priebus was actively attempting to sabotage the administration. Bannon was supposed to be trump’s ideological guru. Bannon, apparently had other ideas and saw himself more as Rasputin. We all remember what happened to Rasputin. On top of that, Trump had no experience in managing a political CEO position. He had to learn how to move his agenda forward while at the same time managing a hostile workforce [the bureaucracy], a hostile Board of Directors [Congress], a completely hostile PR campaign [the Press] and staffing senior positions, the occupants of which were on the same learning curve that he was.

    The drama seems to have died down, now, as Trump has found people whom he can trust, to some degree.

    Finally, about “Fire And Fury”. Wolff, the author, states in the book itself, right at the beginning, that he slapped virtually everything that people said to him, or purportedly said to him, into the book and made little of no attempt to verify the accuracy of the statements [ ]. You have several people, who are “quoted in the book” saying that they never said what he alleges. You have Wolff, by his own admission saying that people contradicted each other on various points and incidents presented in the book. As Wolff does not draw any conclusions form these disparate accounts and is leaving up to the reader to make their own decision of the truth of the statements, he should really have included all of the statements in their entirety. As he did not, this tome is nothing more than a tabloid on steroids written in such a way as to give cover to the author.

      YellowSnake in reply to Mac45. | January 6, 2018 at 1:44 pm

      We all remember what happened to Rasputin.

      and to the court in which he had influence. The Czar didn’t do so well, either. The best you can say is that he was incompetent.

      As to the rest of the book – I have no intention in reading it. I think it was less than ethical and that a lot of what released for publicity is just a compilation. But as Sam Spade said to Brigid O’Shaughnessy at the end of the ‘Maltese Falcon’:

      Maybe some of them are unimportant. I won’t argue about that. But look at the number of them.

      As for how well he is now doing, please. He got a tax bill passed that did not comply with many of his campaign promises, is extremely beneficial to him and punitive to the states that voted against him. Besides, McConnell & Ryan did the heavy lifting. BTW, if allowing deductions for SALT is a subsidy, so are charitable donations.

      Beyond that, he has picked judges from a list he was given and appointed some fanatics. Some of those appointees are going about their business and some of them are failures because they don’t know the law or their ideas were so hare-brained that they landed like a lead balloon. In many cases he or they are doing things that the public doesn’t seem to like.

      He mainly seems to have a list of things Obama did and is simply going down the list without any apparent deliberation. I won’t argue about the result. You obviously like it. But his work ethic, pettiness, narcissism, outbursts (tweeting) and diplomacy (lack of) is appalling.

      The book does not attempt to deal with the policy implications of Trumpism. It deals with the character of the man. I was familiar with his character for a long time before he ran. I even had a client in Trump Tower and honestly expected to be impressed with that one aspect of the man. I honestly was not. It shows someone who confuses glitz with class. The atrium which was installed to get some concession from the city was so unwelcoming (by design or ignorance) that is was always virtually empty even though it was supposed to be an amenity for the public!

      One thing I know about grifter from experience is that in the end they must con everyone. That is how they get their gratification. That is how they prove their superiority to themselves. You and the rest of his followers are in for a rude awaking.

      I am not trying to be snide or nasty. You went to the trouble to write thoughtfully. How bad is it? Well, the last 3 Presidents will not go down in history as stellar. But Trump will be ranked near the bottom.

        “It shows someone who confuses glitz with class.”

        Wishful thinking leads to delusions. All the high-brow gentlemen thought that Lincoln lacked class and mocked him and his administration too.

        The economy is booming, consumer confidence is up, jobs up, ISIS really is JV when not being fought by Little League….shall I go on?

        When you get your car fixed, do you care about the egos or personality disorders of the mechanic able to fix it?

        But you keep it up. Keep calling all of those flyover rubes “stupid” and “deplorable” because they understand both sides of the isle have been throwing them throwing beads with one hand and robbing their future with the other. That should work out as well for you as it did for the South.

        I don’t have too much time so let me just address a few of your points.

        Yes, Trump is going down the list of Obama items and reversing them. But, that is what he was elected to do. These are all actions and regulations which were destroying our nation. They were rapidly turning the US from a first world country to a second world country.

        And he did sign a tax bill which allows the rich to keep a greater amount of money than most of the middle class. But, then the top 10% or earners pay about 70% of the taxes. But NEVER forget that 49% of the population pay no taxes at all. McConnell and Ryan were in charge of the Congress when the tax reform bill was passed. But they had been in charge of the Congress for the preceding six years and never got a bill passed. So what charged in 2016? The public revolution which put Trump into office.

        The book is nothing more than a smear job of the character of Donald Trump. It is not geared toward Trump’s politics or accomplishments, because it is a HIT piece designed to damage Trump if possible.

        As to Trump the man, he is, and always has been a pragmatist. When he is negotiating to develop a property, he will do whatever it takes to get that done. At the moment his goal is to make America great again by stimulating the economy. He is not an ideologue and will sacrifice some ideological points to gain his goals, which will stimulate this nation’s greatest asset, its economy. Is he crude? Sometimes. Is he vulgar [in the classic sense of the word]? Yes. Does his diplomacy consist of saying stop doing what you are doing or I’ll punch you in the nose, then punching that person, or nation, in the nose? Yes. You do not have to like the man or his manners. He is not going to marry your sister. But, he was hired to do a job and he is doing that job. What people should really be concerned about is what happens in 2020 and especially in 2024. Trump is not a career politician. If he feels that he has reached his goals, he may not run for reelection. And he certainly will be gone in 2024. Who is going to step into his shoes? Unless it another person with goals counter to those of the Establishment, then we are looking at backsliding. I am not nearly worried about Trump in the WH as I am of a WH without Trump.

      YellowSnake in reply to Mac45. | January 6, 2018 at 2:02 pm

      Al Capone is a really bad analog for your argument. After all, he was a monster. Who cares what the actual charge was as long as he was guilty of that charge and removed from the street.

      That is also how they got Clinton and Nixon. It is just easier to get a conviction. Is there any doubt that they were guilty of the underlying charge?

      elle in reply to Mac45. | January 6, 2018 at 6:23 pm

      Mac45, I too am uncomfortable with the pack of hyenas surrounding Bannon. But I am left wondering about him. Remember, Hillary wanted Trump to win the nomination, as she thought he would be the easiest to beat. And Bannon must have known about Roy Moore’s history, every one else seemed to, and Bannon must have known how it would play out in the press. Moore was a no-lose proposition for the Democratic party. If he won, they won the narrative, if he lost, they got the seat. Also, there was an incident, I can’t find it now, where Bannon pulled Trump into a photo with someone that Bannon should have known would be used for propaganda. I remember Trump was furious at him for putting him in that position. And I’ve always been bothered by Bannon’s “burn it all down” comment. Who says that about the country they love? Oh I know, it could have been taken completely out of context, and until recently, I’ve chosen to accept that was most likely the case.

      I’d like to think Bannon’s motives were good, if not his methods. But I’m in a wait and see mode.

    willow in reply to YellowSnake. | January 6, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    I downvoted you. The biggest joke is that TDS is so extreme that people believed that a Gorilla Channel was created for Trump. hahahaha The “information” in the book was written at a time when Trump was going to be out of the office by the end of the year.

This comment regarding Wolff is damning to Bannon, “his [Wolff’s] access pretty much ended when Kelly came in and Bannon was kicked out.”

I’ve never seen one, but I suppose a wolf in sheep’s clothing would look a bit sloppy.