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Four Democrat Senators Ask Franken to Reconsider Resignation

Four Democrat Senators Ask Franken to Reconsider Resignation

“I think we acted prematurely, before we had all the facts.”

Anyone else saw this coming? Yeah, me too. After a seventh female accused Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) of sexual misconduct, Democrat senators finally called for him to resign. The number skyrocketed after word got out that he would resign.

On December 7, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) announced he would resign from the Senate after numerous females accused him of sexual misconduct. He didn’t give an exact date, just said in the coming weeks.

Now four senators have urged Franken to reconsider, including some who called for him to step down.

Politico reported that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who never called for Franken to step down before the Ethics Committee finished its investigation, “ripped” into those who demanded Franken’s resignation:

“The most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen done to a human being — and then have enough guts to sit on the floor, watch him give his speech and go over and hug him? That’s hypocrisy at the highest level I’ve ever seen in my life. Made me sick,” Manchin said.

He added, “Here’s a man, that all he said [was], ‘Take me through the Ethics Committee. I will live by whatever decision and I will walk away thinking about this opportunity I’ve had while I was here. But you find out if I’m a predator.’”

Manchin said he hopes Franken reverses his decision, but even more that the senators who led the charge against him reconsider and call for the two-term senator to stay until the ethics process is complete.

“I hope they have enough guts … and enough conscience and enough heart to say, ‘Al, we made a mistake asking prematurely for you to leave.’”

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) demanded Franken’s resignation, but those close to him told Politico he has told Franken “privately that he regrets doing so.”

Politico continued:

“I think we acted prematurely, before we had all the facts,” said a third senator who has also called for the resignation, and has since expressed regret directly to Franken. “In retrospect, I think we acted too fast.” The senator asked not to be named because of the political sensitivity of the issue among Democrats.

Two of the senators who issued resignation calls told POLITICO they felt rushed to weigh in, as they were focused on hearings and other meetings and pressure on Franken mounted. In retrospect they said they signed off on statements without the appropriate care and thought.

Franken attended a bible study held by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) “at the urging of a colleague who suggested it might help him.” Lankford has not called for Franken’s resignation, but said that the senator “should have gone through the Ethics Committee process.”

Others outside of the Senate have also said that Franken should not resign:

“I and many other people — and specifically feminists — feel that it’s not too late, that he should not resign, and that the rush to sweep him out was ill-conceived, and we think that he has been supportive of women and women’s issues,” said Emily Jane Goodman, a retired New York state Supreme Court judge who’s helped start a Feminists for Franken group on Facebook. “Although we do deplore any kind of gender-based misconduct, we think at the same time he is entitled to a fair hearing.”


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CaliforniaJimbo | December 18, 2017 at 11:36 am

They regret the call for Franken to resign because Roy Moore lost. Had Roy won, they would use it as a cudgel against him. Now that old Roy is once again a brand of dog food at Walmart, they want their senator groper back.
Get the popcorn

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to CaliforniaJimbo. | December 18, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    This is the Democrat Party’s Official Endorsement of all sorts of sexual molestation.

    They already know the female Democrat replacement: Tina Smith.
    So, this is taking a woman out and putting in a groping male.

    Only the Dems could get away with dumping on women like that.

Moral high ground, my arse. This was always about political expediency and what Dems thought they could gain (or not lose) by throwing Franken under the bus.

buckeyeminuteman | December 18, 2017 at 11:38 am

All this Puritanesque Democrat hand wringing was about beating Roy Moore last Tuesday. Now that they were successful, Frankenstein won’t be going anywhere and the Dems will make sure of that.

    The only thing that makes me angrier than thinking about Franken and Democrats is thinking about smug Alabama GOP voters who fell for these lies.
    They’re probably still patting themselves on the back. Fools.

Speaking of pervs, sicko Linda Sarsourpuss is the new winner of this year’s hillary klinton War on Women/Perv Enabler award:

Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour accused of enabling sexual assault, harassment in workplace:

PersonFromPorlock | December 18, 2017 at 11:43 am

I’m surprised and shocked, yes I am….

Intermission has been had. Now for the second Act.

Lesson here is Dems always protect their own. So many Dem congress critters are manifestly unqualified because of corruption, ethics, harassment, alzheimers – they should go. (Some R’s too).

Republicans, OTOH, are the circular firing squad that is petrified of negative media stories and are willing to shoot anyone who attracts any negative coverage.

Among other things – Trump has been good for flushing out the cowards as well as destroying the power of the media by destroying their own credibility. Wherever you sit on the Trump spectrum of support, you have to agree its been a huge upside to this presidency.

Good. I hope he stays, and I’m pretty sure he will. The guy LOVES the power he has achieved and, IMO, the resignation ploy was only in case Moore won… kinda.

So send the message Democrats… in this wave of hyper allegations and resignations, that this guy.. one with PICTURES of creepy behavior , is the stalwart that stands against the tide and says, NOT ME… I shall stand regardless and fight on! Heh. Him sticking around hurts the Dems much more and causes internal issues.. than a rubber-stamp Democrat replacement.

Not enough facts. Clearly, that picture was photoshopped.

The four senators should step down themselves. Further, EVERY GOP candidate for ANY office should hang this around their democrat opponent.

Yet the leftists are only concerned with gaining and maintaining power. One should temper EVERYTHING they say with that in mind.

I’ve always found Franken disgusting, and he doesn’t belong in the Senate, but…I reckon we’d have an easier time picking up that seat if he stays in to run for reelection so we can use the crap against him.

Bucky Barkingham | December 18, 2017 at 1:07 pm

So what about the (female) Lt. Gov. of MN who was identified as his replacement by Gov. Dayton? Not bad enough that the LibDem hypocrites want to keep a serial sex abuser in the Senate, they want to do so at the expense of a LibDem female. So which party is waging a war on women?

Ha, too funny. My friend called it. Conyers would be going and Franken would do it to rehab. I thought it would be the other way. BTW, where is the Black Caucus on this?

Why would we want to trade Franken for a generic Dem? He is an endless source of material proving naked hypocrisy on the left, and he is now a weight around the neck of every Democrat. Weinstein may be the more prolific of the two, but Franken is the one who filmed himself in the act, and therefore qualifies for poster child. Trust me, that picture will be the most well-known image in the country when Franken runs again. Minnesota may be too far left now for a conservative or Norm Coleman to win, but I’d rather run against Franken than a non-groper.

“should have gone through the Ethics Committee process.”

Also known as the “Protect our own” committee where the taxpayers foot the settlement bill. And, no outsider knows anything.

What new facts? I mean, about Al Franken’s behavior? Anything else is irrelevant, and they know it.

Franken will be the albatross hanging around the neck of all of the pink hatted ladies who have so looked forward to sermonizing and virtue signaling at their holiday dinner tables.

DouglasJBender | December 18, 2017 at 2:40 pm

Al Franken attended a Bible study? That’s got to be a joke.

Democrats got what they wanted from gullible Alabama voters, now they’re being discarded. There’s a $20 bill on the nightstand.

Moral of the story: molest unconscious women on camera.

None of this is about the Senators involved. This was a setup for the frontal attack on Trump after the Russian fiasco dissolves. The next phase was going to be obstruction of justice but now that seems to be fading too. That leaves the groping and sexual assault charges to throw at Trump. One “Assault” was a former Miss America contestant saying that Trump saw her while she was nude beneath her robe! Two other assault chargers have been caught negotiating how much they would be paid to go public and if they could get a new identity and move to a new city if they go forward. I don’t think Trump is shaking in his boots!

Why not? Lots of trusting women to grope.

Having Franken go through the Ethics Committee process, and then removing him, would help the Dems move forward with the impeachment of Trump. They will say that their fair but just treatment of Franken demonstrates their ability to make sound, apolitical judgment in such matters, adding weight to their impeachment efforts.