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Democrats Wait Until Word of Impending Franken Resignation to Call for Franken Resignation

Democrats Wait Until Word of Impending Franken Resignation to Call for Franken Resignation


Up until Wednesday, the Democrat talking points on Franken’s many alleged sexual misdoings were: 1) he made a “mistake” and 2) what Franken (allegedly) did was not nearly as bad as other recently unmasked sexual predators.

The second may be true, but that doesn’t make Franken’s alleged actions (see also: allegedly sticking his tongue down a woman’s throat without consent) excusable.

Franken, they argued, was too politically valuable to scrap over a series of butt-grabbing allegations. With allegations piling up, Franken apologized and Democrats seemed satisfied enough.

So what changed? Word of Franken’s plans to resign, that’s what.

Wednesday, the Democrat chorus changed its tune and finally began calling for Franken to step down.

Also this:

Franken was perfectly acceptable and even defended by the same Democrats now calling for his resignation and nothing has changed except for the fact that he’s reportedly decided on his own it’s time to throw in the towel.

Franken scheduled a press conference for Thursday during which he’s expected to announce his resignation.

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Until I read this, I thought they were finally doing something right.

Give the Dems credit for being world-class cowards (and perverts).

Supposedly Franken’s office has said tonight, “No Resignation”.

If true, this is hilarious – it means that the Dems are pulling out all of the stops and telling all of their minions in the NYT and WaPo to announce Franken’s resignation, but Franken isn’t on board with the plan, and they can’t actually make him do it.

Break out the Popcorn!!!

The optics are bad. The evidence is worse. One, testimony. Two, video. Three, admission. And he’s out. There is no need for a political display, unless Democrats think they can exploit it for leverage.

regulus arcturus | December 6, 2017 at 6:22 pm

And now Franken is disputing reports that he is stepping down.

Al, let me help you: you’re stepping down.

So, if I’m reading this right, the Dems (or the press, but I repeat myself) started a rumor that Franken was going to resign, which caused a stampede to the microphone for Dem representatives to get their huffing and puffing official before he made the announcement.

And now that he’s NOT resigning, the feckless nits who just got done dumping on him are left high and dry.

Ain’t enough popcorn in the world. 🙂

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to georgfelis. | December 6, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    So you think the specific order of this day’s actions by the Democrats and Stanken Franken was all planned…as though by Democrat Collusion….

    SOUNDS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

bob aka either orr | December 6, 2017 at 6:42 pm

The thing is: Franken(stein) was a possible presidential candidate in 2020. Who benefits from pushing him out the door?
We could start with Fauxcahontas, Jellybrand, Willie Brown’s girlfriend Harris, Hilliary, Uncle Joe…
Lots of reasons to say goodbye to Stuart Very Smalley.

Twitchy had a thread around noon about Zero Tolerance. More women were calling for Franken to resign and claiming zero tolerance.

But that was only after seven women said they were victims.

So someone astutely pointed out that zero tolerance must come into play after more than six accusers.

There was no mention of him capitulating at that time.

I do think Dems have trouble with math tho

latest reports are that he’s NOT resigning…

i didn’t go ANYWHERE near long enough on popcorn futures.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | December 6, 2017 at 7:52 pm

Interesting take on this.

“It appears the DNC (Perez) gender plan for the political aspirations of elected Democrats is continuing. In a coordinated and strategically timed roll-out today, DNC Chairman Tom Perez and a host of top level Democrats began demanding Senator Al Franken resign from his Senate seat.

Senator Franken is inside the famous Democrat cross-fire ‘kill zone’. His likelihood of re-election is very low, and simultaneously his ouster feeds a scripted useful narrative. Hence, he’s a goner…”

poast first, read thread 2nd… woops! 😎

Hang in there Al. Don’t let them chase you out of your duly elected position. You are a short, ugly comedy challenged asshole-American. You represent many short ugly un-funny American assholes. None of the Senators calling for your resignation voted for you in the first place. They don’t even live in the same state.

HANG IN THERE AL! Don’t leave the thousands of asshole-Americans who supported you and depend on you out in the cold. You know for sure, Al, that if your state had a Republican Governor you would have the complete support of your party. Al… it’s all about politics.

Please don’t go. Schedule every daytime TV show you can. Get out there and give Whoopi a little tongue. Rosie could use some squeezing. Show the world you are a non discriminating abuser. Become the face of the modern democrat party.

You da man, Al.

All this is just battlespace preparation for when Judge Moore gets elected.

    tom_swift in reply to snopercod. | December 7, 2017 at 2:06 am

    Then they jumped the gun.

    The chronology is important. If the voters put a candidate in office, then it is later convincingly revealed that he’s a sleazebag, or a criminal, or a carnivorous shape-shifting lizard from another star, it seems right and proper to demand his removal.

    Post-1913, Senators are put in office by the voters; not the Party, not the Governor, and not the other Senators, and their opinions are irrelevant. So … if the claims of sleazebagginess, criminality, or alien origin are known to the voters before the election, but they vote for the candidate anyway, then … the voters selected who they wanted, and the claims have no further relevance. Ditto for any attempt by the Senate to hamstring the candidate after the election, as per Powell v. McCormack (1969). The other Senators can’t blow off the voters and effectively undo an election.

    Of course after the election the Dems could make up some new crimes, or manufacture the slam-dunk evidence they haven’t been able to present so far, and that would put Moore in Franken territory. But I doubt they have any such thing; they’re relying on instant innuendo (“instant” as in, insufficient time to review, like Harry Reid’s lies about Romney’s taxes). And that sort of attack can only work when the electoral schedule is very tight.

I think they explained to Franken is that since they will be doing the Moore and Trump thing now until forever that the typical way of burying his accusations wasn’t going to work since Republicans would be bringing it up in response. Since Franken knows his own party and the media is going on the sexual harassment warpath he understand he doesn’t want to be fighting that daily and try and be a Senator. He is stepping down because he is on the way of the new “war on women” train coming not because he had a change of heart nor did other Democrats think they couldn’t do for him what they did for Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

That Franken, has always been an un-funny jerk. He is one clown, who never should have been elected. If he loses his political office, he will starve to death. Who would hire that no-talent ? Now we find out that on top of everything, he is also a ” Perv.”