Up until Wednesday, the Democrat talking points on Franken’s many alleged sexual misdoings were: 1) he made a “mistake” and 2) what Franken (allegedly) did was not nearly as bad as other recently unmasked sexual predators.

The second may be true, but that doesn’t make Franken’s alleged actions (see also: allegedly sticking his tongue down a woman’s throat without consent) excusable.

Franken, they argued, was too politically valuable to scrap over a series of butt-grabbing allegations. With allegations piling up, Franken apologized and Democrats seemed satisfied enough.

So what changed? Word of Franken’s plans to resign, that’s what.

Wednesday, the Democrat chorus changed its tune and finally began calling for Franken to step down.

Also this:

Franken was perfectly acceptable and even defended by the same Democrats now calling for his resignation and nothing has changed except for the fact that he’s reportedly decided on his own it’s time to throw in the towel.

Franken scheduled a press conference for Thursday during which he’s expected to announce his resignation.

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