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Child-exploiting Tamimi Clan back in the news with latest “Shirley Temper” video provocation

Child-exploiting Tamimi Clan back in the news with latest “Shirley Temper” video provocation

Long history of sending children to confront soldiers hoping for a reaction, as the cameras roll.

Dave Lange of the IsraellyCool website coined the nickname “Shirley Temper” for Ahed Tamimi, of the Tamimi Clan of Nabi Saleh.

While the nickname is humorous, the underlying reality of the video exploitation of Palestinian children by the Tamimi Clan, lauded by Western anti-Israel activists, is not funny at all.

As we have thoroughly documented over the years, the Tamimis, led by father Bassem Tamimi, regularly send children to try to provoke a confrontation with Israeli police and soldiers in order to get a reaction that will be captured on video and in photos.

The children are accompanied by a phalanx of videographers and photographers just waiting to turn the video and images viral. This video, shows how it’s done. (For this performance, Ahed gained international fame, and was awarded a medal by the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan).

(Video also here)

Another Tamimi Clan child, Janna Jihad, has been used since she was 5 years old in such staged scenes. It’s an extremely callous exploitation of children, hoping the children will be the subject of retaliatory violence for propaganda purposes.

In these posts (among others) we presented video, images and social media proof of this Tamimi child exploitation, and how it is leveraged by anti-Israel activists in the U.S., particularly Jewish Voice for Peace and Ariel Gold, an anti-Israel extremist who now works for Code Pink:

Ahed is sufficiently famous in anti-Israel circles in the U.S. that she has been featured in a national tour, as Prof. Miriam Elman documented in More Anti-Israel Propaganda in Mainline Churches: “Living Resistance Tour”.

Ahed and the Tamimis are back in the news due to the latest video provocation involving Ahed, reportedly 16 (though she might be older)(the Daily Mail lists her as 17), and 21-year-old relative Nour Tamimi.

This video, which has gone viral, shows the girls kicking and punching Israeli soldiers, as one of the girls held her cell phone cameras to record. Clearly they hoped for a violent reaction, but it didn’t happen.

This shows it from a different angle:

Haaretz reports on the incident:

The video, filmed during the weekly protest held in the village on Friday, shows Tamimi assaulting the soldiers in an attempt to draw a response. Other women are seen in the clip, including one filming the incident, who also attacks the soldiers later. The soldiers did not respond to the attacks by Tamimi and others.

The clip, which was filmed by someone standing farther away from the incident, went viral on various social networks on Monday.

In the clip, Tamimi and another young woman approach one of the soldiers and Tamimi pushes and shoves him. After does not respond to the provocation, as it seems the women wanted, Tamimi continues to slap and kick him. She also comes up to the other soldier and tries to assault him, as does the other young woman. Two older women join the two teenagers and also push the soldiers while Tamimi continues to attack them. The soldiers show restraint and do not respond in any way.

Before the beginning of the events seen in the film, Palestinians threw rocks at soldiers from inside a house in Nabi Saleh, said the IDF. The soldiers then removed the rock throwers from inside the house and refused to let them reenter. At this stage, “a number of Palestinians came out to the soldiers with the goal of causing a provocation,” said the army.

The Washington Post has covered the story, picking up on the “Shirley Temper” nickname:

Israelis call her ‘Shirley Temper’ and say she epitomizes ‘Pallywood,’ or Palestinian propaganda attempts to discredit Israel. Palestinians call her a hero, for fearlessly standing up to those who enforce the Israeli occupation of their land and those who terrorize her village.

Her real name is Ahed Tamimi. And a video of her confronting or provoking Israeli soldiers — depending on how you look at it — has gone viral.


Tamimi, 16, is a well-known Palestinian activist from a well-known activist family. She lives in the village of Nabi Saleh, in the occupied West Bank, where weekly demonstrations have become common scenes of clashes between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli troops. The villagers accuse Israel of expropriating their lands in favor of the nearby Jewish settlement of Halamish.

On Friday, the army said, soldiers were in the village to contain a riot involving some 200 people, including the Tamimis. Some of the rioters, the army said in a statement, entered a nearby house and continued to throw rocks at troops. Then, it said, Tamimi and some women exited and started to “violently provoke” the soldiers.

Tamimi, her wild locks swept up in a hair band, can be seen on film slapping and kicking a soldier, as another young woman captures the exchange on her smartphone.

Bassem Tamimi is claiming Ahed was upset because her cousin earlier had been hit by a rubber bullet during riots. But don’t take anything Bassem says as the truth. He is someone who spreads anti-Semitic blood libels and incitement, as we reported in Incitement: Bassem Tamimi spreads claim Israel arrests Palestinian children to harvest organs.

The Times of Israel reports that Ahed and Nour were arrested that night, and a judge has ordered Ahed held for six days during investigation:

Explaining her decision, Judge Lidor Drachman of the Judea region Juvenile Military Court said that while Ahed Tamimi did not pose any danger, concern that the teen would try and obstruct the investigation justified keeping her locked up until next Monday.

“Despite the provocative and outrageous behavior of the suspect, given the limited risk she poses in addition to her young age, I was prepared to release her into an alternative detention,” wrote Drachman.

However, he continued, he had changed his mind after being supplied with evidence that she was a serial offender and that releasing her would compromise the investigations.

“The confidential report submitted to the court indicates that a number of investigative actions remain, which require the suspect to continue to be held in custody,” he wrote, adding that there was a “significant threat she would compromise the investigation.”

Not surprisingly, anti-Israel activists and groups are organizing around the arrest. Notice how they use images of Ahed from when she was much younger.

This California State professor also uses an image from when Ahed was much younger – it has been shared over 1000 times as of this writing:

Tamimi supporters, like Ariel Gold, who brought Bassem Tamimi to a 3rd grade class to advocate against Israel, are adding a Ahed Tamimi frame to their Facebook featured images:

This proves how effective the child exploitation method works for the Tamimis — if the Israeli soldier reacts, it’s a video or image seen around the world. If the Israeli soldier doesn’t react, it’s proof of how brave Palestinian children are. If the Israelis make an arrest of the teenager or adult, it’s an organizing opportunity.

Ahed Tamimi is back in the spotlight. But that spotlight should be shining on exploitation of Palestinian children by the Tamimis and their Western supporters.


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Why don’t they just pepper spray the parents that are shooting video?


The soldiers handled it correctly. Strong discipline, good tactics, and great sense of proportion.

I have hope that they might even win the 4g war going on here.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to forksdad. | December 21, 2017 at 12:07 am

    Actually from a former soldier no they didn’t handle it correctly, this wasn’t some group of dirty street urchins. These are trained provocateurs who, if you look at the picture have their hands on his load bearing equipment that is packed with lethal equipment of war, grenades and the like. If they want to yell and scream…fine let them, but the first time one of their hands landed on the equipment or assaulted the soldier they should have buttstroked her little ass to the ground with a warning to not touch things that might hurt her or them. The reason this keeps happening is because they don’t do anything about it.

    Also, what the dad does is against the law even in Israel, arrest his sorry as…..actually no, just give is picture and name to mossad.

      forksdad in reply to Gremlin1974. | December 21, 2017 at 1:43 am

      And the video would be very different. And if her parents had gotten their wish? A dead child a new martyr. How many would die in relation? How many days of violent protest world we see?

      How many rockets would that one butt stroke be worth? How many suicide attacks, other kids following the example of the ‘peaceful martyr child’?

      I’m sure striking back would have felt great and have been satisfying but that is exactly what she was hoping for. She and her parents lost. They cannot spin this as a win.

      Why give them exactly what they want. Unless my calculations are off Israel went from being a tiny David in world politics lauded in movies and celebrated on campus to being the next south Africa with all that entails in the world media. An outnumbered civilized and civil nation is somehow the same as Hitler in the eyes of the media and on college campuses everywhere.

      That’s just in my lifetime. It wasn’t by accident. Israel didn’t lose land for a non peace because the Arabs were great warriors. They won’t win this battle by force of arms because they haven’t been losing by force of arms.

        Gremlin1974 in reply to forksdad. | December 21, 2017 at 2:54 am

        The problem with your position is that it is the misguided position of a coward who thinks that appeasement will prevail.

        How many rockets? How many protests? No more than there are now.

        Let me clue you in on a truth of reality; “Appeasement doesn’t work, ever.”

        You are also wrong they did win, because they put out the story that she was arrested and detained which wasn’t true, but was still widely believed.

        The root of this problem is that Israel has been to diplomatic and understanding for far too long. They should do now what they should have done 20 years ago; drive the “palestinian” squatters off of the land they have zero legitimate claim to possess.

          mailman in reply to Gremlin1974. | December 21, 2017 at 4:08 am

          Going have to disagree with you Grem.

          Your point of view is reactionary and would only have given these terrorists what they wanted, video of a Jew soldier attacking an innocent palestinian child or even better for them video of a jew killing an innocent palestinian child.

          The amount of propaganda the left would have gotten from these videos would make anything they have gotten from this pale in to insignificance! The left would have gone absolutely ballistic over this and it would have no doubt ended up at the UN where the Arabs and their appeasers would have used this incident to further undermine Israels right to exist in peace!

          Then there is the immediate propaganda value the PLA, Hamas, Hesbollah etc would have gotten from this video that they would have used to justify killing jews in retaliation. And lets not kid ourselves here, jews would have ended up dead all because you had run the butt of your rifle in to the kids head OR killed her.

          I don’t know why Israel doesn’t arrest all of the videographers present as inciting hatred and remove the children from the parents under the grounds of child abuse.

          I think if you start making liberals responsible for this kind of violence and staged violence then the less dedicated to the cause will quickly drop away, leaving the hard core who you can identify and then really go after!

          forksdad in reply to Gremlin1974. | December 21, 2017 at 11:50 am

          No if you think I believe in appeasement you got it backward. I believe in Palestinians right to live in the nation of Jordan or Egypt or peacefully as residents of Israel. I was never for giving up any of the land that Israel had. There’s plenty of room in all the Islamic neighbors for those folks.

          It’s not Israel’s fault that the Arab world prefers to keep the Palestinians as permanent, ‘refugees’. Nor is it their fault that the PLO/PLA are/were so murderous and seditious they got expelled from just about everywhere they set up shop.

          I don’t believe in granting them anything. Not one inch of land, not their own state, not one block of Jerusalem. I would have never, ever given up one thing for peace because that is not how you get peace.

          But there are ways of handling a manufactured confrontation that do not increase the tension or give the palis a win. Like it or not Israel does have a long internal border with a violent hateful, semi-state. They have to deal with what they have not what they wished they had.

          Gremlin1974 in reply to Gremlin1974. | December 21, 2017 at 2:14 pm

          @mailman I see your point and of course I was never meaning that they should actually hurt the child. “Buttstroke” was a poor choice of words.

          But I do think it is dangerous to let her touch soldiers who have dangerous equipment on. This kid is a suicide bomber in the making once daddy lets her become a plaything for his friends for a few years, she won’t be the cute little innocent girl anymore and then they will just strap some explosives to her and she will run up to a checkpoint and kill a bunch of people.

          You are correct they should just arrest her and the videographers and her parents. Barring that just let Massad handle it.

          @forksdad If I was mistaken then I apologize. However, the thought of a “peaceful” Palestine is a fantasy that is just never gonna happen. The answer is simple, run the off of Israeli lands and let the arab countries who support them take them.

          Geologist in reply to Gremlin1974. | December 21, 2017 at 5:41 pm

          Any violence used against these terrorist women and children would be captured on video, edited and distorted and used as propaganda against Israel.

          Instead, the entire Tamimi family should disappear some night, with no video at all, and never be seen or heard from again. Maybe with some evidence left to show that it was a competing group of terrorists that did it.

    Nope. The solider should have arrested her upon the first hit. Or, he should have returned the violence in kind: hit for hit.

      I agree with the arrest. But if he’d busted her teeth in he would now be the star of three days of rage and a hundred rockets and a couple of knifemen or suicide bombers. They wanted him to hit her. The harder the better.

        bhwms in reply to forksdad. | December 21, 2017 at 3:02 pm

        How is this different from what they are going to do anyway? The “Palestinians” (even the name is wrong) are looking for reasons – they will eventually find one. Just the announcement of moving the embassy set them off.

        Arrest, hit, shoot – it doesn’t matter – the professional provocateurs will find a way to use it as an excuse to “retaliate” and their stooges around the world will point accusatory fingers. Just like last time. Just like the next time.

Start having the troops patrol with un-muzzled K-9 dogs. That would give the kids something to consider, and Papa too. Muslims love dogs, right?

So the soldier gets hit in the face, and he’s supposed to do what?

If this was an American policeman, he’d have the right to knock her out. (See below.)

What are the Israelis worried about? – The UN will hate them? American leftsts will hate them? Come on, Israel: learn the Trump lesson. Kick some ass.

Police officer in Miami knocks out a woman who hits him in the face: woman prosecuted; officer cleared of any wrongdoing:

“The woman who backhanded a police officer across the face at a University of Miami football game had the charges against her dropped Monday — on the condition that she write a letter of apology to the officer who punched her.

“The officer, an 18-year veteran in the warrants bureau, was cleared last week of any wrongdoing despite a cellphone video of the incident showing him throw a hard right-cross at the woman as she was being carried away from the crowd by four police officers.

There you go.

    No he does not have the, ‘right to hit her back’. What he has is the need to arrest her. He can only use the necessary reasonable amount of force for the lawful purpose intended. So he doesn’t get to cuff her then give her slap for slap, he doesn’t get to kneecap her, he doesn’t get to hold her down and make her eat dirt from the road or say, ‘uncle’.

    If he tells her to cuff up and she complies he gets to put cuffs on her and take her to the station. If she continues to resist he can use what force is rational and necessary. That’s what an American officer can legally do.

    Is there another article that says he’s cleared of wrong doing? Because the article says it’s being reviewed to see if he complied with policy and procedure.

      Gremlin1974 in reply to forksdad. | December 21, 2017 at 2:16 pm

      Basically the DA has said that he won’t be charged criminally, he still could face department level punishment.

Why can’t the videographers be arrested for inciting hatred/violence/terrorism or something like that? And the children removed from the parents under the grounds of child abuse?

Talk about playing 4G chess..then lets start seeing some of that evidence! Make those who incite violence against Jews responsible for their actions!!!

The reality is these kids are going to be candidates for spontaneous detonation on public transport in a year or two!

    forksdad in reply to mailman. | December 21, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Go after granny and the other participants but at a time and place of your choosing. Do not let them make street theatre out of it. And fine the hell out of the parents and the financial backers. They’re not doing this for free.

Keep them locked up. That’d be a good start.

One of the great Truths of life:
If you reward bad behavior you will get more bad behavior.

I’ve noticed over the years, that this type of provocation, which plays so well in the media, is being used increasingly here in the U.S. You see with the non-masked “protesters” getting in the faces of the police and civilians, hoping to start a fight.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | December 21, 2017 at 1:20 pm

This is nothing more than “Child Molestation by Tamimi Clan!”

I also have another question, why are these terrorists allowed to travel to the US? They come here all the time, why? Surely they are on some kind of list that wouldn’t allow them to cross the border.