Project Veritas dropped another video in its investigation into The New York Times, this time catching IT consultant Todd Gordon admitting that the paper unfairly reports on and hates President Donald Trump.

These same sentiments were expressed in the previous videos. In the first video of the series, Audience Strategy Editor Nicholas Dudich told an undercover reporter he chose the NYT so he doesn’t have to be objective. NYT Senior Homepage Editor Desiree Shoe appeared in the second video. She admitted the paper has a left-leaning bias and it tried to influence the 2016 election.

Gordon has worked at the paper for 20 years and he told the undercover reporter that there is not one person at the NYT that likes Trump, echoing Shoe’s sentiment. He said that everyone “hates him [Trump] like the plague.”

Knowing that the NYT doesn’t have a voice of dissent, the undercover reporter asks Gordon if the paper can report without bias on Trump and if the paper unfairly reports on Trump.

Gordon said they cannot report without a bias and 100% agrees that the paper unfairly reports on Trump.

The Russia/Trump collusion story came up and Gordon told the undercover reporter that the paper lacks sources.

O’Keefe jumps in to remind viewers that the NYT has run into a few problems with anonymous sources, including have to change two major front page stories in 2015.

The problem got so out of hand that the paper had to change its policy since “readers question whether anonymity allows unnamed people to skew a story of their own agenda.”

O’Keefe found NYT Deputy Managing Editor Clifford Levy in Brooklyn, NY, on Wednesday and asked him about the paper’s unethical staff members. To no one’s surprise, Levy remained completely silent and ignored all the questions.


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