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Democrats and Dossiers Week at Legal Insurrection

Democrats and Dossiers Week at Legal Insurrection

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So the Russia dossier story took an unexpected turn this week.

Everything old is new again.


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Nine million dollars to one firm for opposition research. Does the term “Money laundering” ring a bell?

In early 2016 a Republican began paying Fusion GPS for negative information (now called “opposition research”) on Mr. Trump. Fusion GPS used those funds to pay Mr. Steele, a British national, to spread money around Europe and Russia in an effort to find negative material on Trump. At some point in 2016 Fusion GPS lost the Republican funder but secured funding from Perkins-Cole the law firm of DNC / Clinton Campaign lawyer Marc Elias. Newly released information indicates the DNC and Clinton Campaign sent funds to Perkins-Cole. Perkins-Cole then sent those funds (minus administrative fees, one would think) to Fusion GPS
who sent those funds (again, minus administrative fees, I’d bet) onto Steele who in-turn spread cash around Europe and Russia. This continued until late October ’16.

Sometime in 2016 the FBI decided to “chip-in” and began covering “travel expenses” for Steele. Also during this time Sen. McCain caught “whispers” of the “dossier” and sent folks to retrieve it. Sen. McCain, possibly, turned that information over to the DOJ and such information was used, in whole or part (we’ve no clue), to file for FISA warrants in connection with Trump associates.

During the 2016 campaign the DOJ, using FISA warrants, collected data from individual(s) who were close to or part of the Trump campagin. In the instance of Mr. Manafort, Trump campagin head for 60 days, the office the DOJ targeted was in Trump Tower.

During the summer / fall ’16 and continuing until the week before Trump took office, Obama staffers requested the “unmaking” of American names collected in intelligence gathering as part of the FISA warrants and several of those names were subsequently leaked to the press.

After the election the “dossier” was leaked to the media and printed by at least one source (Buzzfeed).

Trump fires FBI Director Comey and
Mr. Mueller is appointed “Special Counsel” by Mr. Rosenstein to investigate Russian influence into the 2016 election. The appointment gave Mueller a wide range of power to investigate.

Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner are raised as possibly colluding with the Russians for taking a meeting with a sketchy lawyer from Russia who allegedly wanted to give them negative information on Sen. Clinton. Turns out the meeting was about an adoption issue and there was no “opposition research” to be gained from this attorney, whom we’ve learned has a close relationship with former congressman and Clinton Campagin supporter Ron Dellums.

We’re told that Mr. Manafort is “crooked” due to his Russian connections yet we learn this past week that he has past employment connections to the Podesta Group (Tony and John) in Washington DC and as we all remember, John Podesta was the campaign chair for Mrs. Clinton.

We have now learned that the Uranium One deal, approved by the Obama Administration while Mrs. Clinton was SoS, saw millions of dollars “donated” to the Clinton Foundation from Uranium One board members and former POTUS Clinton was paid 500,000 for a speech. We know during that time the DOJ had an investigation ongoing and had a confidential informant feeding them information on possible illegal payouts. Oddly enough the head of the FBI at that time was Mr. Mueller. We also know that an assistant director of the FBI at that time, Mr. Rosenstein, allegedly threatened a witness / CI. Further we know that when Congress voted on the Uranium One deal the Obama administration did not inform them there was an ongoing investigation or that a CI had been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Someone, please, rationally, tell me how this isn’t text book “deep state” government employees acting not like servants of the people but rather covering for one another as they enrich themselves?

I don’t know if Trump is connected to the Russians beyond his business interest and will say the same for Manafort, Page and Flynn. I am most troubled by Flynn, to be honest. I will say that all of them were private citizens and used their connections which is legal. I can’t say the same for the actions of Clinton, Mueller and possibly Rosenstein with regard to Uranium One.

I hope we gain a true understanding of everything surrounding this but I fear Bob Dylan was right when he wrote, “steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king”.