Anne Sorock of The Frontier Lab started writing for Legal Insurrection in April 2012 and was a regular contributor for many years. Over time Anne focused more and more of her time at The Frontier Lab, and now writes for us only sporadically.

Anne uses “deep values” research rather than polling and superficial surveys.

In November 2016, just after Trump’s victory, I wrote about how Anne was the first person I’m aware of to predict a Trump victory … in February 2015, Research Guru saw Trump phenomenon coming before anyone else:

I saw Anne at CPAC 2015, and in the course of our discussions, I asked Anne who she liked among the many rumored presidential candidates. She said Donald Trump.

I was like, what is that all about? He’s never going to run, he always teases, and anyway, Trump? Seriously? She was serious. She said, look, he’s the one. She was insistent not only that Trump would run but that he’d win. It seemed totally incredible.

By that point I’d known Anne for a while, and considered her a friend. I could tell she wasn’t joking. That she knew something I didn’t. But it still seemed so other-worldly, that even after Trump took the famous escalator ride at Trump Tower to announce, I didn’t give it any credit.

That was then, this is now. President-elect Trump saw something in the mood of the nation, and captured that lightning in a bottle.

In that post, Anne explained in detail the research methodology which led her to conclude that Trump was likely to win when no one, and I mean no one, gave him a chance. I’ve been trying to get Anne to pick lottery numbers for me.

Anne was interviewed recently by Ginni thomas in The Daily Caller about the 2018 election cycle, Is The GOP In For A ‘Rude Awakening’ In 2018 Elections?

Speaking to Washington elites, Sorock says, American voters have totally rejected a minutiae, maneuvering and a piecemeal approach to stopping the decline of America. As an example, she said that voters aren’t asking for a tax cut, although that can be a part of it.

“They are asking for you [Congress] to say, through your work, that you love America and that you want it to survive,” Sorock said.

Sorock told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the perception of “one party rule” is the biggest threat facing the nation, as there seems to be little to distinguish the governing parties in voters’ minds. Unless the Republican Congress changes course fast, Sorock said, the 2018 midterm elections will be a “rude awakening” for the GOP….

As for those that are similarly interested in promoting freedom and constitutional government, she doubts whether conservative leaders really trust the average common man and woman. She challenged those comfortable in their “ivory towers” that are misunderstanding the erosion of values, labels, words and principles.

I found this part of particularly interest:

“What has come up [in interviews] is The Wall. There’s still a sense that that needs to happen.”

Here’s the video of the interview: