While Professor Jacobson was surfing the Twitter stream during the Super Bowl, I was savoring the free market creativity of American advertisers.

The runaway favorite commercials feature cute puppies and horses. One particular ad, however, brought out an entirely different animal in me: The Mama Grizzly.

I have a serious recommendation to T-Mobile executives: Fire the idiot feminists and their beta-male minions who came up with this commercial:

The dialog for one of the scenes, in which Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler characters duel over first-world lifestyle quality, has Sarah Silverman’s insipid character inform a newborn’s mother: “I’m sorry, it’s a boy.”

It was a real piece of #WarOnMen propaganda.

As a mother of a son, who is a 100% all-boy alpha male that I have been delighted to raise as such, I was appalled by the crass anti-maleness of the statement. Let’s play a game of substitution, shall we?

Pan right, and have Silverman’s character whisper, “I’m sorry, it’s a girl.”

The blow-back from NOW and all the other elite feminist groups would have been of Category 5 Hurricane proportions, with the T-Mobile executives dutifully making the rounds to all the talk shows on their apology tour. After a vitriolic social media campaign in which the participants would be likened to Boko Haram rapists, the company would have been compelled to donate millions to girls’ educational programs and the feminist organizations leading the charge. Finally, the feminist activists would not have been satisfied until all parties involved in that commercial were brought to tears, like Dr. Matt Taylor (the comet scientist in the iconic shirt).

But, insult our boys (and half the future market for T-Mobile products) and what do we hear? Here’s another animal to demonstrate:

That the National Football League is now the target of progressive activism is apparent to anyone who is paying the slightest bit of attention…which is me, because Super Bowl is the only game I watch annually. Between the concussion crusade, the controversy associated with the video of Ray Rice hitting his fiance in the elevator, and #DeflateGate, I was preparing myself for “kinder, gentler NFL” advertising pap.

However, the advertisers went beyond their original mission in many instances. There was a second ad that was exceedingly offensive, too. Always, the feminine hygiene product manufacturer, ran this gem of inanity on behalf of the #LikeAGirl campaign.

In the attempt to build up the confidence of the girls, a boy being interviewed is embarrassed and humiliated when the narrator connects the term to his sister.

I have worked alongside men for many years…enough to know that terms “Like A Girl” are not intended to insult women…but to inspire a better performance out of another individual. If anybody’s self-esteem is going to be shattered by its use in the friendly sparring that occurs in daily social interactions among men, boys (and, shockingly, even among my female compatriots), then there are more significant issues that person is facing.

There was no need to sacrifice a young man on the altar of political correctness to appease the self esteem of teen girls.

Shame on the executives at Always who green-lighted this commercial.

Leaders of feminist groups behave as if they speak for all women. Well, today, I am usurping the “All Women” Speaker’s role, and I formally apologize, #LikeAGirl, to all Super Bowl fans who were subjected to these vapid excuses for female empowerment.

Personally, I will never buy T-Mobile or Always products again. In fact, I assert that one of the animals featured in the Sprint commercial (my favorite), is probably the creative genius behind both these pieces….I am sure my Legal Insurrection friends will readily guess which one, too!

Another helpful hint that I will offer, free of charge, to next year’s Super Bowl ad creators: You do not build up one client base by tearing down another. That’s a plan that is full of fail.