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Challenger Geoff Diehl not planning to target Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee fakery

Challenger Geoff Diehl not planning to target Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee fakery

He may not have to, it’s baked into her political persona and others will attack her on the issue.

So the Massachusetts 2018 Senate race now is on the radar. Can anyone beat Elizabeth Warren?

As reported months ago, Warren’s polling is weak, but let’s be serious here, it will be a monumental task for a Republican to defeat Warren. As in the race against Scott Brown, Warren can count on a flood of money coming her way, and it’s liberal Massachusetts. While Brown ran a credible race, I always said that short of Warren being caught on video murdering someone, Massachusetts liberals were going to vote for her.

Warren also is a highly underestimated politician. She is the expert at playing the victim card, exploiting people’s envies, and engaging in bombastic personal attacks.

While it’s a monumental task, it’s not impossible.

So what role will Warren’s false claim to be Native American play in the upcoming contest? (See for the history and evidence of Warren’s deception.)

One challenger, V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, is running on a platform that only a real Indian (from India) can beat a fake Indian. He even challenged Warren to take a DNA test. (Even a positive DNA test would not resolve the issue, but that’s a discussion for another time.) But Ayyadurai’s nascent campaign took a huge hit recently when a 10-year old domestic abuse arrest was uncovered. Whether he can recover from that remains to be seen.

The more traditional political challenger is Geoff Diehl. He’s been a Massachusetts state representative and early and vocal Trump supporter. I haven’t delved deeply into Diehl’s career and positions, but based on what I’m seeing on Twitter, it seems he stands to pick up a lot of Trump supporters.

Diehl has focused heavily on Warren’s showboating and preparation for a 2020 presidential run, as this Boston Globe article notes:

Massachusetts Republican state Rep. Geoff Diehl formally launched his candidacy to unseat incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren Tuesday, saying she’s too focused on grabbing the spotlight while accomplishing little for the state’s voters.

Diehl, who served as co-chair of President Donald Trump’s campaign in Massachusetts, made the announcement in his hometown of Whitman.

“I think there’s an expectation in Massachusetts that senators and congressmen and women who go to D.C. should work for the people of Massachusetts,” Diehl told The Associated Press before the announcement. “What we’ve had for the past four and a half years is someone who’s had her own agenda and is raising her profile to run for president in two years.”

Assuming — and it’s early, I know — that Diehl emerges as the Republican challenger, what will he make of Warren’s Cherokee problem?

Diehl certainly seems conversant with the issue, as this interview with the Boston Herald demonstrates:

As someone who considers himself one of a handful of experts on Warren’s ethnic deception, I found Diehl’s discussion to evidence a much deeper understanding of what Warren did than any other politician I’ve heard talk about it.

But what will Diehl make of it in the campaign? According to Diehl’s interview with Joe Battenfeld at The Boston Herald, not much, Geoff Diehl declares Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry not a target:

Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Cherokee Indian ancestry remain a question hanging over her political career — and a frequent target for President Trump — but don’t expect Republican state Rep. Geoff Diehl to make it a punch line in his campaign.

Diehl, in an interview on the “Battenfeld” show on Boston Herald Radio, said while he’s “concerned” about Warren’s use of her purported Native American background, he won’t be pushing it on the stump like Trump.

“She has plenty of other things that look to be sort of hypocritical,” said Diehl, a Republican state representative from Whitman who officially launched his 2018 U.S. Senate campaign a week ago.

“I don’t think I have to bring it up,” he added. “Most people seem to know what happened with that situation.”

Here’s the full interview:

Diehl may be right that HE doesn’t need to make it a focus of the campaign.

In many ways, Warren’s ethnic fakery already is baked into Warren’s political persona, both because of the 2012 Senate campaign and more recently, Donald Trump’s branding of Warren as “Pocahontas.” I explored this branding of Warren a few months ago, Trump branding of Elizabeth Warren as Fake Indian continues, expecting her to run in 2020.

Battenfeld also points out that the Native American issue didn’t help Brown (I disagree strongly with that) and in any event, others will hammer Warren on the issue:

While some Republicans may not like to hear that from Diehl, it’s probably a smart move. Focusing on the Native American issue didn’t help former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown in his race against Warren, and may have even played against him. Warren got to claim that Brown was attacking her “family” — even though he clearly wasn’t — and running a negative campaign.

And it’s highly likely that Republican super PACs targeting Warren will be weighing in on the Cherokee question, so Diehl himself can stay out of the fray.

So Warren’s Cherokee fakery will be in play, but maybe not directly from Diehl.


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I cannot imagine why anyone would vote for that screeching harridan.

    Mark Matis in reply to JoAnne. | August 11, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Nobody has to vote for that screeching harridan in order for it to win. Look, it’s Massachusetts. She already has enough votes to win the election even though it’s over a year before any of them can be legally cast. Now if, on the other hand, the Voter Fraud Commission is permitted to do its job, there won’t be any Democrats elected next year. But the one thing you can count on is that the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill will do everything they can to keep that from happening.

      YellowSnake in reply to Mark Matis. | August 11, 2017 at 10:19 pm

      “Now if, on the other hand, the Voter” Suppression “Commission” gets away with its fraud, there won’t be any Democrats elected next year. That is the point of the commission isn’t it – to make sure no democrats don’t win even when they are a majority.

      How many battleground states were stolen by the suppression of votes from legitimate citizens of these United States? Enough to elect DJT.

        mailman in reply to YellowSnake. | August 12, 2017 at 3:05 am


        Knock knock
        who’s there?
        Not Hillary as the President of the United States of America

          YellowSnake in reply to mailman. | August 12, 2017 at 8:53 am

          People are getting a mouthful of Trump and they don’t like the taste.

          There are a lot of us that have all the documentation needed to meet an legal standard and we vote. We will also help citizens that are being cynically suppressed.

          You will be laughing out of the other side of your face. Enjoy it now. It won’t last.

          Barry in reply to mailman. | August 13, 2017 at 2:14 am

          “Enjoy it now. It won’t last.”

          yellowbelly spouts, same BS spouted before the election. You lost, you’ll keep losing. Americans have figured out you commies con. They are turning.

        Milhouse in reply to YellowSnake. | August 13, 2017 at 12:27 am

        How many battleground states were stolen by the suppression of votes from legitimate citizens of these United States?


          YellowSnake in reply to Milhouse. | August 13, 2017 at 12:06 pm

          Students, the poor and people of color were systematically disenfranchised in several states where republicans controlled the process. I am not going to litigate the case here. But we do have a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. It is not even going through the pretense of examining voter suppression. Shouldn’t a Commission on Integrity examine both claims? It makes it clear that the conclusions of this Commission are per-ordained.

          Did 5 million or even 10 illegal aliens vote for Clinton and affect the popular plurality in the Presidential Vote? NO

        tom swift in reply to YellowSnake. | August 13, 2017 at 12:38 am

        “Oh, now we see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I’m being suppressed!”

    Olinser in reply to JoAnne. | August 11, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Because she’s in one of the safest seats in existence.

    They would vote for Stalin over George Washington if Stalin put a (D) and Washington put an (R) next to his name.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Olinser. | August 11, 2017 at 6:20 pm

      Sad to say, but true.

      Really any state that would keep re-erecting Ted Kennedy the serial…..Leftist…..

    The problem is Diehl seems to want to join the GOPe gentleman’s backstabbing elected-loser club.

    We don’t need this guy to be a replacement for that GOPe rat mccain.

    YellowSnake in reply to JoAnne. | August 11, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    I can’t imagine why anyone voted for the grifter.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | August 11, 2017 at 6:10 pm

Well that’s clearly a mistake.

Maybe it will work, but it tells me that Diehl has no stomach for a real fight. It would be very nice to see Warren go down, but if she does it will be in spite of Diehl, not because of him.

On the political battlefield that we are on – defending the last chance to preserve our way of life, shy of violence – the likes of this guy is no warrior. He’s a clerk.

We need warriors, not clerks. McConnell is a clerk. So is Ryan. So was boehner. Look where that go us.

Screaming Fauxcahontas needs to be called out for EVERYTHING disgusting she is responsible for.

Diehl has just admitted he is not the real deal.

    YellowSnake in reply to | August 11, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    FauxReport, “defending the last chance to preserve our way of life” Where did you learn about our way of life? Disneyland? Maybe watching Hollywood westerns?

    I know. It is the way of life where white males who believe your brand of christianity hold all the wealth and power and make all the decisions. Sorry that world, which was grossly unfair to the rest of the citizenry, is never coming back. Its existence was always an illusion, anyway. At every stage of our history, there were those who fought against it and undermined it.

    You want freedom. Well, so does everyone. You think DJT has the slightest idea for making America Great? The joke is on you. Meanwhile Warren got the CFPB up and running. My guess is that it is protecting your butt right now. You don’t strike me as a wolf.

      Done addressing your baseless b s.
      A total waste of time.
      Go back to.soros.

        YellowSnake in reply to | August 12, 2017 at 8:47 am

        You are done because you have no response except for ad hominem attacks.

        You know how there are people who think they are funny, but never notice that other people don’t laugh.

        You think you are smart, but have never noticed that nobody else every thought so. Not your teachers; not your bosses; not your coworkers; not your family; maybe many anywhere – perhaps a few in the virtual world as clueless as you.

        You ‘ignore’ me. I will keep pointing out that you are misguided, ill-informed, logic challenged and prejudiced. But I will do it with facts and logic. That is my forte.

Sounds like the Ted Kennedy tactic. Whenever noise about Ted making a Presidential run cropped up, everybody would say, “We’re not going to raise Chappaquiddick,” “Agreed, Chappaquiddick isn’t a factor,” “No, we’re not going to mention Chappaquiddick,” “I don’t think Chappaquiddick is a factor in this election,” etc. There sure was a lot of non-talk about it.

This is exactly why Republicans keep disappointing. They don’t fight the fight.

Thanks Geoff for saving me time, energy and money. You’re just another cuck who is more interested in losing gracefully than freeing your base from the marxists.

Warren stole diversity quotas from minorities to get where she is now. That tells the public everything they need to know about her credibility and integrity. But you refuse to go there, which is like running against Hillary but taking Corruption off the table. Which tells us what kind of congress-critter you woulx be – caving the first time Chris Matthews calls you mean names.

And oh, using surrogates to attack Pocahauntus for you just makes you look like a cowardly weasel.

    YellowSnake in reply to Fen. | August 11, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    And Donald Trump stole from anyone he could. He is a grifter. I guess ripping off thousands of people, buying politicians and changing your position on issues based on how it benefits you personally aren’t disqualifications for high office.

    So as long as you overlook Trump’s gross improprieties, you will need to accept the one thing you think disqualifies Warren.

“Challenger Geoff Diehl not planning to target Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee fakery”


Hi Rag.

1) it’s obvious from my post that my complaint with Geoff is that he caves. Trump fights. And it’s amazing what just a little pushback has done to the Left – once they were feared, now that are ridiculed. Turned people like you into a punchline.

2) my post had nothing to do with Trump. Please dont hijack the thread with your Trump derangement, thanks.