On today’s Morning Joe, after accusing President Trump of “impairment,” Howard Dean said that “people keep talking about” the 25th Amendment as a means to remove the president from office. But Dean immediately poured cold water on the notion, saying “I personally think that’s probably hooey.”

Law professor Jonathan Turley agreed with Dean: “Yes, indeed, that falls under the constitutional doctrine of hooey.” Turley went on to describe the complicated procedures under the 25th Amendment, which would ultimately require a two-thirds majority in both houses of congress. Concluded Turley: “the 25th Amendment is not a really good option.”

Turley, while no conservative, has a history of breaking sad news to liberals, as when he concluded that there was no case for obstruction or treason against President Trump.

HOWARD DEAN: It seems to me that the issue here is the president’s impairment. He seems incapable of governing. He’s erratic . . . So, I agree with you, we can’t lower the standard for impeachment. What do you do? What about the 25th Amendment? [Turley laughs.] People keep talking about that. I personally think that’s probably hooey, but I’d love to hear your views on that.

JONATHAN TURLEY: [laughs again] Yes, indeed, that falls under the constitutional doctrine of hooey . . . The 25th Amendment is not a really good option. And I think part of the problem here is that people want this lifeline in the Constitution. They want, how can we sort of rid ourselves of this meddlesome president? The Constitution’s designed not to really allow that. They don’t want impulse by removals.

. . .

DEAN: Is that the hooey principle of the Constitution? Jonathan Turley made my morning with that constitutional principle.

WILLIE GEIST: Underlining your hooey principle.

Dean was thrilled by Turley’s support: “Jonathan Turley made my morning with that constitutional principle,” as Willie Geist added “underlining your hooey principle.”

Note: as he expressed his delight at Turley’s support, Dean made his trademark tongue-out gesture. Combined with the famous “Dean scream,” it was a reminder of why Dean had his limitations as a presidential candidate. There’s simply something not serious about the guy.



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