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Crisis of Confidence Week in Higher Education

Crisis of Confidence Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

People are beginning to see what’s happening on college campuses and there are consequences.

There is no political balance on campus.

Evergreen State is merely a symptom.

It’s all leftism, all the time.

This looks worse and worse.

Compare and contrast.

Good for them!


It’s about time.

Not who you think.

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Protest with your wallets. Leave Evergreen. Now. Don’t send kids there. Ever.

Orson Buggeigh | July 16, 2017 at 10:39 am

Unfortunately, the problem is not just Evergreen. There are plenty of faculty at other colleges and universities who share the same world view as the mob who took the President hostage, and then thought it would be helpful to share their behavior with the world on social media.

Seventy faculty and staff at Evergreen wrote a letter demanding that Bret Weinstein be investigated for the harm he caused the students who were ‘protesting.’ that letter, once widely available on line, seems to have been pulled down. I have to wonder – did someone suggest that the letter might hurt the cause the angry mob is promoting? Of course, I suppose a public records request would probably obtain it, presuming that it was actually sent to the President and Trustees at Evergreen.