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Evergreen State Faculty Member Describes ‘Warzone’ on Campus

Evergreen State Faculty Member Describes ‘Warzone’ on Campus

“people who are exhibiting signs of PTSD”

The College Fix has obtained some documents which shed light on the environment at Evergreen State College.

From their report:

Evergreen State upheaval felt like some sort of warzone, scholar says

The recent upheaval at Evergreen State College caused a massive breakdown in normal operations as throngs of students confronted and shouted down administrators and scholars, accusing them and the campus of racism, then various threats to the campus prompted it to close for several days.

The toll it all took on the campus community was apparently akin to some sort of warzone, according to one faculty member.

“I witnessed many people in shock last week and now people who are exhibiting signs of PTSD as well as grief and extreme fear,” Dr. Sandra Yannone, director of the college’s writing center, told President George Bridges in a June 1 email.

“A faculty member and friend came up to me at the end of the meeting literally crying from feeling hopeless about how things have unfolded after so much work these past two years to increase our commitment to equity,” continued Yannone, who notes in her email signature line she uses the she/her and they/them pronouns.

The email was obtained by The College Fix through a public records request. Yannone was one of several campus leaders who stated the protests and their fallout was taking a toll on the public university, previously known for its laid-back, progressive hippie vibe.


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Wild Times at TESC.

PTSD? Does that mean they are self medicating…more?

Conservative0317 | July 11, 2017 at 10:17 am

PTSD? That is an affront to our service men and women that experience truly traumatic stress from combat. These snowflakes need to develop some intestinal fortitude and get over themselves. They make their ancestors wince at the whiney complaints they make, after what those pioneers and immigrants had to face just to survive in this country. Disappointing.

And to think that this all came as a natural outcome for demanding safe spaces and equality. Who da thunk?

So she is a licensed medical professional trained to make diagnoses of PTSD? Didn’t think so.

Funny that she doesn’t blame leftist attitudes leading to terrorist and totalitarian statements and actions.