This is an example of how progressive concepts are legitimized by academia. These students have to pay for their indoctrination.

Campus Reform reports:

San Jose State freshmen pay for own microaggressions training

Freshmen at San Jose State University now have to pay for their own diversity training, which is incorporated into a Frosh Orientation that comes with a $250 price tag.

The addition of microaggressions training to the orientation was made public by SJSU’s Chief Diversity Officer Kathleen Wong on June 9 via a series of tweets. According to Wong, who leads the university’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the training consists of a video of microaggression skits, filmed with the cooperation of a film class in SJSU’s on-campus studio.

“RTVF 135 class. On campus studio. Win-win. Filming video of microaggression skits for diversity training for new student orientation,” one of Wong’s tweets reads, while another states. “Lumpia scene. Microaggressions. Filming 4-line memoirs for diversity & inclusion training new student orientation. On-campus studio.”