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Return of the Mob Week in Higher Education

Return of the Mob Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Another campus mob shouted down another speaker. Why do we put up with this?

Some of the professors aren’t any better.

Then they play the victim.

Certain signs will not be tolerated.

Hoax updates.

There are consequences.

Good for them.

They better have good security.


Ya think?


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Why do “we” put up with this? Notice that this behavior is concentrated mostly at universities with big endowments and big government subsidies. Were they forced to again rely on tuition for their existence (good luck with that), they would be forced to again compete for students based on academic excellence.

This new concept that higher education is an entitlement has allowed the establishment to brain wash rather than educate and mostly on our dime. Colleges have become extended day care for young adults many of whom will graduate in their 30s burdened by crushing debt while the trust babies will just move on to get cared for by the establishment.

That’s how we end up with today’s Oceania. We are already living in a police state and have willingly surrendered our privacy and freedom of speech. We will even stand in line for days for the bragging rights of being among the first to get the new iPhone population control gadgets at outrageous prices. We really are that gone. Sleep walking into the NWO tyranny.

Yes, we really are that dumb.

Providing public funds to universities makes no more sense than publicly funding Mosques.

Why do we want to fund entities that are nothing more than indoctrination centers dedicated to our own destruction?