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Notre Dame Students: Having Mike Pence on Campus Makes us Feel Unsafe

Notre Dame Students: Having Mike Pence on Campus Makes us Feel Unsafe

“write why you feel unsafe with the presence of Mike Pence on our campus”

This is a tactic frequently used by left wing students. It’s also stupid. These students deserve good old fashioned ‘point and laugh’ ridicule.

The Federalist reports:

Notre Dame Students Complain: Mike Pence Makes Us ‘Feel Unsafe’

Students at the University of Notre Dame are not happy that Vice President Mike Pence is going to speak at their commencement ceremony. Some are even claiming that Pence’s presence on campus makes them “feel unsafe,” and have taken to social media to express their hurt feelings, Campus Reform’s Amber Athey reports.

Two seniors encouraged their fellow students to share messages about why Pence makes them feel unsafe written out on white boards, photographed, and posted via Facebook and Twitter.

The Facebook page explanation for the protest reads:

We are inviting all those who would like to participate to take photos, holding a white board in your hands with direct quotes from Pence that are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, offensive, or ostracizing to members of our community. You may also write why you feel unsafe with the presence of Mike Pence on our campus. All Seniors and those graduating this may are invited to use the hashtag #NotMyCommencementSpeaker and everyone else is invited to use the hashtag #NotMyVicePresident. We will meet in front of Main Building (at the statue) and take photos this week on the following days and their corresponding times:


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Holding a “white” board? How triggering!

These are students who chose to attend a college in the state where Mr. Pence was the governor less than 90 days ago.

When I was in college, we felt unsafe when our draft numbers came up, and we would be sent to Vietnam to fight and die in an unpopular war. These idiots say they “feel unsafe” because they don’t like the VP who will speak at Commencement. They should be drafted and sent to fight ISIS, so they can see what “unsafe” really means.

If someone speaking who happens to hold an opposing set of views from yours makes you feel “Unsafe”, then the last place you should be in in college because you are missing some lessons that should be learned before high school.

If VP Pence speaking makes you feel unsafe then please immediately withdraw from college, you are using a spot that someone who is actually mature could use.

These students must have a different definition of “safe” than the rest of us. I wonder if they would mind, terribly, telling us how they define safe.

The Friendly Grizzly | April 12, 2017 at 7:18 pm

Notre Dame: Home of the Sniveling Irish!

It’s those guns that the Secret Service detail will have. After all, guns are evil, demonic. They might just decide to start firing themselves at those innocent students.

I wonder where that fool Pence got the idea that an American Christian college actually believes in the bible? /

Whiners must be ignored.