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Claremont McKenna Students Who Shouted Down Heather Mac Donald May Face Discipline

Claremont McKenna Students Who Shouted Down Heather Mac Donald May Face Discipline

As they should.

These students should face discipline of some kind. The scene was reminiscent of what happened at Middlebury.

The Daily Caller reports:

Black Lives Matter Students Facing Disciplinary Action From College

Elite Claremont McKenna College may discipline with suspension or expulsion some unruly students who effectively shut down a Blue Lives Matter presentation, The College Fix reports.

Heather Mac Donald, author of “The War on Cops,” was visiting the campus last week when she was confronted by a crowd of students chanting Black Lives Matter (BLM) slogans, not allowing her to speak.

Joann Young, director of media relations at the school, confirmed that the college’s administration is already reviewing videos, photos and social media posts related to the event in order to document the the rowdy behavior that included 250 protesters blocking the doors to the building where Mac Donald was supposed to speak.

The Manhattan Institute scholar finally live-streamed her speech to an almost-vacant auditorium as the protesters did their the even interrupt that effort by banging their fists against the walls and shouting BLM lines like “fuck the police” and “black lives matter.”

Young said the behavior was unacceptable and that offending students are liable to punishment “including but not limited to temporary or permanent separation from the college.”


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Walker Evans | April 11, 2017 at 4:28 pm

Once again, uncivil behavior from BLM, the folks who brought us the chant “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? NOW! Let’s remember that the BLM “movement” began in Ferguson, MO as the black race-mongers’ reaction to the completely justifiable shooting death of felon Mike Brown, which occurred during his attempt to murder a police officer.

Why does anyone give any credence to anything these racist morons say or do?

“May face discipline”, like all those thugs at Middlebury who were arrested and/or expelled? Let’s see.

As a grad, I say kick them out. I mean out. These useless fools will never make an honest contribution to the college or its reputation.