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VIDEO: Yale SJWs gone wild against free speech

VIDEO: Yale SJWs gone wild against free speech

Silence U – Part 2

Documentary filmmaker Rob Montz produced a short last year which focused on free speech at Brown University.

Now, Montz has created a sequel which focuses on Yale and the incident at Silliman College which we covered extensively, Yale SJW Student to Professor: “I want your job to be taken from you”:

Last fall at Yale University, an administrator and professor named Nicholas Christakis, Master of Silliman College at Yale was confronted by a mob of angry students over a nontroversy regarding Halloween costumes and cultural appropriation. Christakis and his wife, who also worked at the school, ultimately resigned over this.

We covered the story, see here and here.

New videos of the confrontation have been posted online by Tablet Magazine which shed new light on the situation. It was much worse than anyone knew.

Although Montz focuses on Yale, he makes a broader point which applies to campuses across the country. He acknowledges this in the description of the film on YouTube:

This documentary focuses on Yale, but it has implications for colleges nationwide. With incidents from Brown to Middlebury to Berkeley, universities are grappling with issues of free speech and free expression amidst student demands for inclusive environments — as well as students and administrators who are afraid to say anything controversial or interesting for fear it will negatively affect their job prospects. With numerous concerned students too afraid to speak on record in the documentary, the silence is deafening.

Montz suggests that the entire point of the university has been corrupted by this social justice warrior culture and that schools are expanding their administrations in order to cater to it.

Intellectual Takeout describes the video this way:

Documentary on Yale Reveals How Scary U.S. Campuses Have Become

We have written a lot about the suppression of free speech on campuses and touched on some of the things that have gone on at Yale.

But I have seen nothing better on this front than the 12-minute YouTube video I watched this morning, We the Internet TV’s short documentary “Silence U Part 2: What has Yale Become?” It’s the follow-up to its 2016 viral hit “Silence U: Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate?…

The new documentary explores Yale’s infamous attempt to tell students what types of Halloween costumes were appropriate for students, and the fallout that ensued when one faculty member asked if such a policy was really necessary.

This is a little over 12 minutes long and worth watching in full:

Hat tip to Instapundit.

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If nothing else, our school are teaching the rest of us an amazing lesson: how fascists come to power, and the genocide they will do when they have power.

Time to de-fund these schools – unless rino rats Ryan and McConnell have their say.

The state or federal gov should pass a law making freedom of speech the primary requirement of colleges and andating that anyone how violates this law be expelled or fired.

The truly bizarre part of this is that these fascists tell us what they truly believe and what they would do if given any power, but few believe them. When they are elected or put into a position of power, most everyone is then shocked, shocked I tell you, that their thinking/beliefs had never been discovered before.
My wife is constantly amazed at how I get these “deep insights” into people and how I can often predict their
shocking” behaviors. I tell her my secret is that when people talk, I listen to the actual wards and what they mean. Almost without exception, sometime later we will hear someone speak and I will ask “Do you believe what (s)he just said?” and my wife would respond with “Oh (s)he really did not mean it that way.” I rest my case.

The lunatics are running the asylum.