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Social Justice Warriors Drive Innocent Faculty Couple from Yale Campus

Social Justice Warriors Drive Innocent Faculty Couple from Yale Campus

The safe space crowd claims two more scalps.

Last fall, Yale sent out an email which encouraged students to show sensitivity in their choice of Halloween costumes. Erika Christakis, Associate Master of Silliman College responded to the email by reminding students of the importance of free expression. Her husband Nicholas Christakis, Master of Silliman College, defended his wife’s email.

My colleague Fuzzy Slippers covered the story at the time.

Angry Yale students confronted Nicholas Christakis on campus and screamed at him, demanding that Yale must make them feel comfortable and safe on campus.

Here’s a video of the confrontation in case you haven’t seen it or forgot how outrageous it was. This now has over 1.2 million views and was overwhelmingly downvoted by the YouTube community:

In a development which is sure to please the pathetic safe spacers at Yale, Nicholas and Erika Christakis have now resigned from their positions at the school.

Conor Friedersdorf reports at The Atlantic:

The Perils of Writing a Provocative Email at Yale

Last fall, student protesters at Yale University demanded that Professor Nicholas Christakis, an academic star who has successfully mentored Ivy League undergraduates for years, step down from his position as faculty-in-residence at Silliman College, along with his wife, Erika Christakis, who shared in the job’s duties.

The protesters had taken offense at an email sent by Erika Christakis.

Dogged by the controversy for months, the couple finally resigned their posts Wednesday. Because the student protests against them were prompted by intellectual speech bearing directly on Erika Christakis’s area of academic expertise, the outcome will prompt other educators at Yale to reflect on their own positions and what they might do or say to trigger or avoid calls for their own resignations. If they feel less inclined toward intellectual engagement at Yale, I wouldn’t blame them.

Nicholas Christakis will continue on as a tenured Yale faculty member. Erika Christakis, who gave up teaching at Yale last semester, recently published a book, The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need From Grownups.

She has no future classes scheduled.

Hat tip to Oren Kessler:

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You can have all the Free Speech you want as long as you agree with the Mob.

The appropriately named college has lived up to its name. How sad.

    guyjones in reply to MAB. | May 28, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I hadn’t noticed the college’s name before, but, you’re right; it couldn’t be more apt in this scenario.

If these precious snowflakes need to feel “safe,” they should stay wrapped up in their snuggly blankets in mommy’s basement, where they will never have to be exposed to any point of view with which they might disagree.

Are the snowflakes who attend classes at Hawwwvud required to buy their own diapers and pacifiers, or are they furnished by the faculty?

“We need to feel safe, so we’ll violently intimidate, hound, and drive out anyone we don’t like. Tolerance uber alles.”

I never in my lifetime would have felt it was OK to scream and curse at a professor. I never felt college was there to make me feel “a save”. It was there to provide me an opportunity to learn and grow.
This student, and I use the term lightly, should be expelled.

Subotai Bahadur | May 27, 2016 at 2:50 pm

Which is another example in favor of my position that no business should even hire a non-STEM graduate of any Ivy League or Ivy League wanna-be school. No value to the company and far more trouble than they are worth.

Subotai Bahadur

LukeHandCool | May 27, 2016 at 2:56 pm

They are all now graduates of Yale’s B.F. Skinner School of Behavioral Reinforcement.

Professors Mr. and Mrs. Christakis were just corn kernels.

The mob is learning there are rewards to be had at the simple push of a lever.

Who are “Chairman ObaMao’s Red Guards”, Alex!

I don’t know that I agree with characterizing the couple as innocent. Both are typical liberals who advocated the ideas underlying those of the SJWs who attacked them. Having started that boulder rolling, they don’t get much of my sympathy for being crushed by it.

It’s just as well as these two ineffective people are no longer in so called positions of leadership. When you refuse to enforce standards of civil society you will end up eaten by the mob. I have no sympathy as they got exactly what they deserved.

While sacrificing to the gods (i.e. emanations) of progressive corruption (confusion, etc.), they created conditions for super predators in bathrooms and shared spaces.

That young lady screaming at the professor, and any other like her, they are the kind of people I would never, ever, ever hire for any position whatsoever. Not even to take my trash out.

LOL! They want to feel safe! On this Memorial Day I pray for the souls of all the veterans who scorned safety and gave their all for freedom. Or more exactly, gave their lives so their buddies could live to be old men. God bless you all!

And so a Yale degree officially becomes totally worthless.