A new documentary first crossed our radar yesterday at College Insurrection. It’s a short film about the state of free speech on college campuses which focuses on Brown University, where the filmmaker went to school.

Despite the focus on Brown, the issues examined in the film are universal because this is a phenomenon happening all over the country.

The social justice warrior left has figured out that they can advance their agenda much easier if they can get everyone else to shut up, so that’s just what they’re doing.

As an example, the film looks back at what happened when Brown invited NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to speak. Left wing students shouted him down and the school capitulated to the students. We covered the incident extensively:

The documentary also examines the left’s insistence on advancing a narrative of rape culture and the silencing of anyone who doesn’t conform.

In one shocking segment, the film highlights a left-wing professor who actually makes her students recite a pledge to her political beliefs in class.

The film concludes with a segment on Dr. Ruth Simmons who served as President of Brown University from 2001 to 2012. Simmons was the first black President of an Ivy League institution and believed in the free exchange of ideas.

The video is about thirteen minutes long and well worth the time.

Featured image via YouTube.


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