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BDS thugs attack Israeli speaker and crowd at University College London

BDS thugs attack Israeli speaker and crowd at University College London

Enemies of freedom.

You may recall Hen Mazzig, an Israeli who worked on campuses in the Pacific Northwest several years ago. The hate he experienced from American BDS activists was almost beyond belief,  Israeli soldier shocked to see ugly side of U.S. campus life

Hen was scheduled yesterday to speak at University College London.

I knew trouble was waiting when Hen send out this tweet before his scheduled speaking appearance:

There is a history of violent BDS activists in London, as we previously reported, Anti-Israel protest at Kings College turns violent.

The tactic of disrupting Israeli or pro-Israel speakers as part of the boycott of Israel is increasing, as it is in the U.S.

As The Times of Israel Reports, trouble was waiting, Pro-Palestinian protesters trap attendees of Israel event in London university hall:

Police officers were called on Thursday to an on-campus Israel event at University College London after pro-Palestinian demonstrators were seen trapping attendees in the room where the talk was being held and preventing others from going in.

Israel advocate Hen Mazzig was to speak at the event hosted by the Friends of Israel at UCL in London and CAMERA on Campus but the protests led by the Friends of Palestine Society began just as he began talking.

In a series of videos from the event, protesters can be seen banging on the windows and the door to the hall, shouting “Free, free Palestine,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Outside the room, one attendee confronts a group of protesters who refuse to let him and other into the room to hear the speech….

“I had to be rushed out of the event at @UCL with security. The campus was the war zone and the streets are the safe place. I’m out. My god,” Mazzig later tweeted.

At some point during the event, some of the attendees of the Israel event and the pro-Palestinian protesters were in the same room, holding Israeli and Palestinian flags while the demonstrators shouted “5,6,7,8, Israel’s a terror state.”


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Not all depressing. We don’t back down

— Hen Mazzig

Good for you, brother.

legacyrepublican | October 28, 2016 at 7:52 am

My Boy and Cub Scout sons proudly wear their Israeli Scout t-shirts they get every year as the Israeli Scout Friends Tour comes thru the DFW metroplex during July.

The two protestors laid down ‘buns up’. Telling.