Legal Insurrection has chronicled the radical social upheaval pursued by Black Lives Matter, which seems to have enriched some of the participants more than accomplished anything worthwhile.

However, the lack of BLM response to the Louisiana floods now have some black Americans questioning the movement’s true motives. Jerry L. Washington, a former Baton Rouge resident who went to southern Louisiana to lend a hand after the disaster, is angry about failure to respond.

He has a few choice words for Black Lives Matter:

…“If y’all out there, where ya at? Where ya boats? Where ya money? Where ya food? Where ya services at?”

“Black Lives Matter: Obviously we must [not] matter too much, because I ain’t seen y’all yet, when we really need ya.”

Washington wasn’t the only one angered by the lack of response from the self-appointed beacons of social justice, either.

Black Lives Matter drew an outraged response on Facebook last week after promoting a company offering free family photos to victims whose pictures were destroyed in the flooding.

“This is the most you have done after you [came] and raised hell and stirred up [a] mess … Where are the donations from your organization?” asked Manolo Espinal of Louisiana. “[B]oats to rescue people? Food for the hungry? Where are the marches and protests for the homeless and those who lost everything?”

In reflecting upon the lives saved by the Cajun Navy, Prof. Glenn Reynolds wrote:

Bad things happen. When they do, don’t wait for help. Be the help. It’s an attitude that’s not just for Cajuns.

That is a lesson Washington has clearly learned. He is helping organize donations:

As CEO of The Real Cadillac Recordz, LLC, he appears to be using is social media savvy and humor to organize a Go Fund Me page on a mission:

…Hi, My name is Jerry L Washington and I’m from Baton Rouge Louisiana. I’m the voice of the people of Baton Rouge. Sabrina Pack will be withdrawing the funds as she will be the person in charge of purchasing the gift cards and documenting who, gets a gift card, how much it is, and the date and time.

We will call the families documented, get the ok and POST UP to put the donations right in their hand. With such devastating disaster putting so many people out of their homes and into shelters we must do something to help. We must also use our power, our energy and love to help the ones who need us get their lives back together. We don’t know if we will reach our goal but if we do, we are going to start an annual Live, Laugh, and Love Festival in honor of God, our great country THE PEOPLE of America, and myself, Jerry L Washington.

…We will start by dispersing those gift cards to the families we’ve already helped and provide public proof by photo, video, and the testimonies of the people we helped. We will keep documents of what we spend to avoid any legal penalties…

I can’t imagine why Washington would think Americans would be wary of charity organizations?

Meanwhile, President Obama finally made it to Louisiana. After he remarked that he would be gone in 5 months so he doesn’t “worry too much about politics,” he praised the efforts of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“I could not be prouder about the work that FEMA has done,” Obama said, calling their work “high quality.”

He urged all Americans not to criticize the federal government, and pointed to their success on the ground in Louisiana.

Relying on FEMA is probably unwise, as indicated by its response to the devastating Superstorm Sandy in 2012. In April of this year, a former contractor for FEMA said he was told to deny or underpay claims exceeding certain ranges in deciding compensation for its victims.

…Jeff Coolidge, a former manager for OST Inc., said at a news conference he was required to deny or underpay almost all of the roughly 1,000 Sandy claims he handled during the four months he worked as a flood manager supervising a team of case workers on the claims review task force.

“I left the Sandy review process because it is a sham,” he said. “I was literally losing sleep because I didn’t want to be a part of that fraud anymore.”

Who should Baton Rouge residents trust more: Jerry Washington or Washington D.C.? I know who I would choose.


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