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Priceless: Lefty Rants Against #NeverHillary Voters

Priceless: Lefty Rants Against #NeverHillary Voters

“ are the Democratic Party’s version of a teabagger..”

In the wake of Super Tuesday, the new hero to many Democrats is the lone voter in Massachusetts who swung a district into the Bernie Sanders column.

I have seen this graphic heralded almost continuously over the past days in my social media feed:

The use of coin-flips and Super-Delegates may have helped propel Clinton to the “inevitable” spot. Threats and warnings by party insiders have been used against Sanders’ supporters to keep the troops in-line.

However, the trickery and bullying come with a steep price. A progressive site, Left Wing Nation, is already deriding #NeverHillary liberals who vow they will stay home or vote Republican.

“But, those of you who continue to stand firm and stomp your feet refusing to vote for Clinton if she gets the nomination are selfish. YOU are not a real progressive. YOU do not care about me or my family who will be hurt by the right’s regressive immigration policies. YOU are not even a real Sanders supporter because if you were, you’d listen to him.

No, you are the Democratic Party’s version of a teabagger but frankly, you are worse because you should know better.

I will leave you with this piece of advice: Grow up. Sometimes in life we have to put our own shit aside and do what is right for other people, even when we don’t want to. It’s called being a f*cking adult.

I am not so sure those words of tolerance and inspiration are going to work quite as the author intends.

One of the printable comments negated the questionable logic presented was by Richard Paul:

I don’t care about a party affiliation. As a real progressive, [I] know pragmatism is absolutely important. However, now is not the time for pragmatism. Now is the time to say enough is enough. No more wars. Mass murderers, like Hillary Clinton, should never be allowed a progressive vote. Unless we say enough is enough, and stand by our word, nothing will change.

In fact, arguments along the lines of those presented by Left Wing Nation are likely to fire-up the #NeverHillary voters. Patrick Walker is very progressive one of the co-founders of Revolt Against Plutocracy. He explains that many Democrats are unifying…against Hillary.

What I decidedly am not saying in this article is that all leftists should sing “Kumbaya,” become good Democrats, and stop “hating on” Hillary Clinton. The day I scrawl such indefensible bilge, somebody kindly shoot me.

Granted, I’d actually be delighted to see a huge bunch of us leftists joining hands and singing “Kumbaya.” But only because we’re all basking together in a toasty inner glow—of our common hatred for Hillary. If I have my druthers, we’ll all link arms in a common task: to deprive her of the Democratic nomination. Or failing that (should she outrace the Clown Car and become president), we’ll let her know she’s starting her administration as the most hated and distrusted president in U.S. history—a sentiment publicly confirmed by our “yuuuge” organized protest of her inauguration.

I suspect that if some Bernie supporters sit home if Hillary is the nominee, the ham-handed and thuggish tactics will be a significant contributing factor.


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Twitter is a hoot.

I am hoping very much that Bernie Sanders’ supporters will, due to the corruption of Hillary Clinton, turn their support to ending the corruption and vote for Donald Trump.

Why? Because the status quo is hurting ALL legal Americans.

I’ve been recently posting on many threads, stating that the “Progressive vs. Conservative” or “Liberal vs. Conservative” ideology paradigm is outdated, and that a new paradigm, consisting of Nationalism vs. Globalism is taking root in America.

The old establishment wants people to continue fighting each other in the outdated paradigm, because it distracts from those who are plundering the resources and spirit of this nation.

We need to come together as Americans, and tell the world that corruption and globalism will NOT be what America stands for, but rather liberty, and rule of law in a nation of diverse individuals (NOT GROUPS).

    To the people who checked ‘thumbs down’ – you’ll have to understand that you’ll deserved Hillary Ciinton if you get her.

    Take a look at that photo of that sick, dried turd, and rethink thinks.

I’ve been thinking and this is almost what I’d love to see, just to see things go crazy…

Reps: Trump wins but the GOP establishment uses some rule trickery to move enough delegates to their choice.. which looks like Rubio.

Dems: Hillary wins on delegates but the actual popular vote shows Sanders won. Not to mention she seems to magically win every coin flip/card draw when a tie happens.

Both Trump and Sanders say a version of, “I was clearly the people’s choice and those people’s voices were silenced by the establishment of the party. I feel I must run as an independent to give those people back their voice.”

In the end we essentially have a vote for 4 major candidates, splitting both sides, and nobody wins the 270 EC votes needed. Then the House (as I understand it) would have to go into session to vote amongst the 3 top EC vote winners of that outcome. Likely that’d mean we get Rubio.

Anyway, just the see the madness and all the fallout from that might be worth it.

The race will be between Trump & Clinton. It will be a unique moment in the history of this nation for both major parties to fracture at the same time. Neither the GOP nor the Democrats will learn from this, and both will keep trying to peddle their brand. But there will be at least two new parties of not insignificant size and influence.

2018 could actually be exciting.

    Both parties need destruction – there’s no other way to get the corrupt cockroaches out of government.

    The GOP will be replaced as a dominant party by a ‘freedom/constitutional’ party, which will police parasites like karl ‘pig-man’ rove from infesting its ranks. The democrat party will be replaced by the Unicorn party, which will be quickly corrupted by the left.

I live in a Bernie-land, squished between two of the most pro-Bernie zip-codes in the country. There is no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming majority of his supporters will faithfully vote for Hillary. Some are not going to be enthused about it, a few may even vote third party. However, what is the point of third party after Barack Obama?
They all realize that a vote for Bernie in the primary is the vote to sway the party further to the left. They are voting for an outsider in liberal tradition in primaries, in the general election they will vote for the most progressive candidate. This is not FU to the establishment, let it all burn down kind of election for them.
Not to mention, when Trump’s skeletons will start falling out of his closet, their enthusiasm might just perk up.