There is an old adage that bad things come in threes.

Today, there are three omens showing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign may be floundering worse than previously imagined.

We have covered two of those signs already: Donors wanting to Draft Vice President Joe Biden for the party’s nomination and Gloria Steinem indicating women who vote for Senator Bernie Sanders are actually after men.

Unexpectedly, that last bit is not playing too terribly well among progressive women.

Now comes the third sign of the potential Clinton Apocalypse! Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright implies that women who #FeelTheBern really will!

Former Secretary of State [Madeleine] Albright on Saturday said there was a “special place in hell” for women who backed Sen. Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s primary.

Albright, who served as secretary of state under former President Bill Clinton, came here to make the pitch for fellow former Secretary of State Clinton.

During her remarks, Albright made it clear to women in attendance in the Granite State’s capital city — especially those backing Bernie Sanders — that they need to help out Clinton because they have a duty to do so. The former secretary repeated her often-used line that there is “a special place in hell” for women who don’t help out other women.

“I see a lot of young women in this audience. And you that are here cheering understand this: There is some few I heard somewhere out there that don’t understand the importance of why young women have to support Hillary Clinton,” Albright told attendees. “The story is not over. They are going to want to push us back. Appointments to the Supreme Court make all the difference.”

Surprisingly, Albright’s statement isn’t garnering terribly much support for Clinton.

Predicting the outcome on the Democratic race in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary is far easier than the Republican one: In current polls, Sanders tops Clinton by a two-to-one margin.

It will be interesting to see of Sanders out-performs Clinton in this state, especially among women. There will be no coin tosses that will save the former Secretary of State from a stinging loss. Interestingly, Sanders’ supporters are skeptical about the results of the coin flips that determined delegates from the Iowa Caucus, and have some clever memes underscoring their ire:

It will be fascinating to see if the upcoming loss has been worse by the statements of two icons of feminist activism, Steinem and Albright.

I disagree with Jonah Goldberg: Clearly, irony is alive and robustly healthy!