Although she appears to be supporting Hillary this election cycle as she did in 2008, Gloria Steinem endorsed Bernie Sanders in 1996, calling him an “honorary woman.”  This is a common, if bizarre, tactic used by progressives to include whites, particularly white males, in their isolated, divisive little groupings of human beings (remember Toni Morrison calling Bill Clinton the “first black president“?).  This works in reverse, too, as we see with attacks on black, female, Hispanic, etc. conservatives:  they aren’t “authentic” black people, women, Hispanics, etc.

In an interview with Bill Maher, Steinem—a purported feminist and icon among some on the feminist left—has found a new and exciting way to diminish women who don’t think as she does:  she explains that the support of young women for Bernie is actually rooted in their desire to attract boys.

She argues that Bernie’s female supporters are boy crazy and appears to be doing so as a means of demeaning these women.  They’re just silly little girls who aren’t clever enough to understand politics and are only interested in his candidacy because “that’s where the boys are.”  Clearly, if they had more sense, they’d support Hillary as she does.


Good grief.

Jonah Goldberg wins the internet with his response: