Last year, George Stephanopoulos had a particularly antagonistic interview with the author of Clinton Cash, and shortly thereafter, it was revealed that he had donated a substantial sum of money to the Clinton FoundationABC stood by their man, though he did have to apologize on-air.

The Washington Free Beacon is now reporting that Stephanopoulos has simply stopped disclosing his donations to the Clinton Foundation.

ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos has stopped disclosing his donations to the Clinton Foundation prior to his interviews with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Stephanopoulos interviewed Clinton twice over the past week, once Thursday morning on Good Morning America and again on Sunday’s This Week.

During both interviews he failed to disclose to viewers that he was a donor to the foundation.

This is potentially problematic because ABC has stated that its policy requires disclosure:  “An ABC News spokeswoman told New York Times that any employee that makes a donation to a charity must disclose it to the network before covering a story related to that organization.”

Newsbusters reports that Stephanopoulos has issued disclaimers in the past.

Back in December, Stephanopoulos interviewed Mrs. Clinton for This Week. He offered this skimpy disclaimer: “[A] reminder for everyone watching, I worked for President Clinton, made charitable contributions in the past to the Clinton Foundation.” But even that was better than Wednesday’s silence on the issue.

This story reminds me of one of my favorite Branco cartoons:

stephanopoulos Clinton Book



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