George Stephanopoulos worked in the Bill Clinton administration as a senior adviser. In what way is he qualified to question the author of a book which seeks to expose alleged corruption of the Clintons?

Peter Schweizer holds his own in this interview despite the aggressive and skeptical questions hurled at him throughout the discussion.

Stephanopoulos is not so much a journalist, he’s a member of the palace guard. It’s quite clear which side he’s on in this situation.

Watch the video, via Twitchy:

You may notice that Stephanopoulos keeps saying there’s no evidence for Schweizer’s claims.

Charles Krauthammer has an explanation for that.

Jeffrey Meyer of News Busters:

Krauthammer Slams Clinton Foundation: ‘The Evidence Was Shredded’

On Friday’s Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer blasted Hillary Clinton over the ongoing controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

The conservative columnist argued that “[t]he Clinton defense has said there’s not a shred of evidence well that’s because the evidence was shredded.”

Funny how that fact is lost on so many in our not-at-all-biased media.

Featured image via YouTube.


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