From the moment the Hillary email server scandal broke, there have been conflicting reports and claims about if and how the server was “wiped” clean.

At an August 2015 appearance, Hillary famously said she didn’t know if it was wiped:

“Did you try to wipe the hard drive?”

“I have no idea… that’s why we turned it over …

“You were in charge of it, did you wipe the server?”

“What, with a cloth or something? …. No”

Since then there are reports that the most sensitive, highest-levels of classified information were found in emails, including human source intel. The material is so sensitive that lawmakers are not even permitted to view the intel that was on Hillary’s home server.

In another development, there is a further report that the server (now in the possession of the FBI) was not wiped clean in a professional manner:

This is not the first time that there have been reports some of the emails were recovered.

But it is the most clear expression that Hillary didn’t wipe her server properly, with our without a cloth.

And it will provide critical proof for the indictment of Hillary. Which should happen unless someone at DOJ doesn’t want it to happen.

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