The same minds that brought you Ted Cruz’s machine gun bacon, Lindsey Graham experimenting with the best ways to destroy a cell phone after Donald Trump gave his phone number to a raucous crowd, and Ann Romney’s tips for on being a freakin’ awesome grandma, bring you “How To Get Revenge with a Football” by Marco Rubio.

Cameos include Sen. Cory Gardner, CNN Commentator S.E. Cupp, Rep. Trey Gowdy, Dr. Ben Carson, WMAL’s Larry O’Connor, and more.

Benny Johnson writes:

Any presidential candidate, no matter how seasoned, can fall off the stage, get hit with a pancake, liberate Poland, look like a dork or just scream.

GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio learned the perils of the campaign trail gaffe this summer in Iowa, when he hit 4-year-old Iowan Brody Dill in the face with a football.

Some say it was Brody’s fault, some Rubio’s, but it really did not matter. The Internet had its GIF-able moment:

Aside from smacking a kiddo in the face last summer, Rubio’s football creds are legit. He played on a football scholarship to Tarkio College and returns home frequently to coach youth football. His advice to the youngsters? “Always have fun.”

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