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Marco Rubio Tosses Around a Football, Answers Your Most Pressing Questions

Marco Rubio Tosses Around a Football, Answers Your Most Pressing Questions

“Which Dolphins cheerleader is your favorite?”

Even in the big, bad world of politics football gets some love. Or at least it does from Senator Rubio. The good Senator from Florida took some time away from the political inquisition to toss around a football and answer America’s most pressing questions.

Super Bowl pick? And what about his Super Bowl pick percentage? What made him more nervous, his first presidential debate or first college football game? What Senator would make the best NFL player?

Far from an armchair quarter back, Rubio played on a football scholarship to Tarkio College. He also routinely flew back to Florida to coach his son’s youth team.

Rubio’s football prowess has made for some unorthodox presidential campaign headlines. Like the time he threw this perfect pass to an unprepared wee one:

In The Complete History of Marco Rubio and Football, Gideon Resnick recounts the Junior Senator’s long-time relationship with one of America’s greatest sports:

Throughout his political career, Rubio, who is married to a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, hasn’t kept his love of football a secret from anyone. His YouTube account showcased a video in 2013 in which he is being praised for flying down from Washington, D.C. to coach his sons in youth football games.

Rubio also claimed that, unlike President Obama, he’d never keep his sons from playing football. After all, he isn’t too damaged from his own days on the high school gridiron.

“When I played and when most people here played tackle football, you actually were taught to hit with your head,” the senator said in a 2013 interview with BuzzFeed. And while he acknowledged the inherent problems with professional football collisions, he wasn’t interested in dealing with it legislatively, as Senator McCain has tried.

Before he got to the Senate, however, Rubio had a habit of mixing business (politics) and pleasure (football). In 2006 Rubio caught passes from former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino inside the Florida House. “Representative Rubio’s fingers are broken,” Florida House Speaker Allan Bense joked at the time.

But the best advice Rubio has for the kids he coaches? “Always have fun.”

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Actually, it’s not a bad advert.

I *really* want my candidate to have been a Governor, but so far Rubio is next on my list. His youth works to his advantage in this case and his media savvy is unmatched IMO