A rally is planned in Ithaca, NY, for January 9, 2016, against allegedly racist violence by police, specifically the non-indictments in the deaths of Sandra Bland and Tamir Rice, and the deaths of Betty Jones and Quintonio LeGrier.

The event is taking place at the Ithaca Commons, a public space in the center of town.

Here’s part of the description from the public Facebook Event Page:

On December 23rd a grand jury decided not to indict the jailers involed in the death of Sandra Bland. On December 28th a grand jury decided not to indict officer Timothy Leohmman in the extra judical killing of 12-year old Tamir Rice. On December 26th 55 year-old Betty Jones was mistakingly shot and killed by police as she opened her door. Her neighbor 19-year old Quintonio LeGrier was also killed.

This is a rally in response to these events and the increasing violence and general terror administered by police towards people of color.

The purpose of this rally is as follows:

Ithaca Protest Sandra Bland FB Page banner

I learned about the protest a few days ago, but didn’t write about it because I thought one of the conditions placed on who could speak at the protest might be a hoax.

Why would I think so?

Because “people of color” will be given preference in speaking over whites. At an anti-racism rally. Seriously.

Here is the rest of the description of the event from the public Facebook Event page (emphasis added):

We ask that people of color who would like to bring written statements/speeches to address the ralley [sic] please let us know below so that we can add you to the list of schedueled speakers.

There will be an open speak-out afterwards for those who just want to speak.

Please be sure to bring warm clothing. Please also be sure to bring any signs or pictures of thoes affected by police brutality. We will meet at the center of the commons at 1pm.

Disclaimer: If you are a reporter at this event we will not be answering any questions.

Disclaimer: If you are a white person at this event note that the voices of people of color will take precedence in rally space.

I particularly like the part about not answering reporter questions.

Ithaca Protest Sandra Bland FB Page text highlighted

Obviously, racial discrimination at a rally supposedly opposing racial discrimination is problematic. At least it is in the real world, but maybe not in the Ithaca progressive bubble.

One white person person asked in the comments at the Facebook page if this meant white people were not welcome.

The organizer assured the white person that white people were welcome, but that “the voices of people of clor will be privileged.”

Ithaca Protest Sandra Bland FB Page comment white people welcome

Can you imagine the public outcry if the racial roles at the event were reversed?

But this is Ithaca, so there will be no cognitive dissonance.

In fact, expect anti-Israel activists to try to turn it into an anti-Israel rally. The event is being promoted among members of the Ithaca Committee for Justice In Palestine, which ran the failed boycott attempt at GreenStar Food Coop in spring 2015, and which has a horrible history of anti-Israel propaganda.

Welcome to the Ithaca progressive bubble, where fighting racial discrimination justifies their own racial discrimination.



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