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At anti-racism rally, Whites allowed to speak only after People of Color

At anti-racism rally, Whites allowed to speak only after People of Color

Ithaca, NY: “If you are a white person at this event note that the voices of people of color will take precedence in rally space.”

A rally is planned in Ithaca, NY, for January 9, 2016, against allegedly racist violence by police, specifically the non-indictments in the deaths of Sandra Bland and Tamir Rice, and the deaths of Betty Jones and Quintonio LeGrier.

The event is taking place at the Ithaca Commons, a public space in the center of town.

Here’s part of the description from the public Facebook Event Page:

On December 23rd a grand jury decided not to indict the jailers involed in the death of Sandra Bland. On December 28th a grand jury decided not to indict officer Timothy Leohmman in the extra judical killing of 12-year old Tamir Rice. On December 26th 55 year-old Betty Jones was mistakingly shot and killed by police as she opened her door. Her neighbor 19-year old Quintonio LeGrier was also killed.

This is a rally in response to these events and the increasing violence and general terror administered by police towards people of color.

The purpose of this rally is as follows:

Ithaca Protest Sandra Bland FB Page banner

I learned about the protest a few days ago, but didn’t write about it because I thought one of the conditions placed on who could speak at the protest might be a hoax.

Why would I think so?

Because “people of color” will be given preference in speaking over whites. At an anti-racism rally. Seriously.

Here is the rest of the description of the event from the public Facebook Event page (emphasis added):

We ask that people of color who would like to bring written statements/speeches to address the ralley [sic] please let us know below so that we can add you to the list of schedueled speakers.

There will be an open speak-out afterwards for those who just want to speak.

Please be sure to bring warm clothing. Please also be sure to bring any signs or pictures of thoes affected by police brutality. We will meet at the center of the commons at 1pm.

Disclaimer: If you are a reporter at this event we will not be answering any questions.

Disclaimer: If you are a white person at this event note that the voices of people of color will take precedence in rally space.

I particularly like the part about not answering reporter questions.

Ithaca Protest Sandra Bland FB Page text highlighted

Obviously, racial discrimination at a rally supposedly opposing racial discrimination is problematic. At least it is in the real world, but maybe not in the Ithaca progressive bubble.

One white person person asked in the comments at the Facebook page if this meant white people were not welcome.

The organizer assured the white person that white people were welcome, but that “the voices of people of clor will be privileged.”

Ithaca Protest Sandra Bland FB Page comment white people welcome

Can you imagine the public outcry if the racial roles at the event were reversed?

But this is Ithaca, so there will be no cognitive dissonance.

In fact, expect anti-Israel activists to try to turn it into an anti-Israel rally. The event is being promoted among members of the Ithaca Committee for Justice In Palestine, which ran the failed boycott attempt at GreenStar Food Coop in spring 2015, and which has a horrible history of anti-Israel propaganda.

Welcome to the Ithaca progressive bubble, where fighting racial discrimination justifies their own racial discrimination.



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At last, A pro-racism rally.

The only place where racism is welcome is the Collective.

Real conservatives simply have no patience for it, and find it stupid.

“Welcome to the Ithaca progressive bubble, where fighting racial discrimination justifies their own racial discrimination.”

Great sentence, so powerful and perfect.

Maybe the protesters should seek a grand jury indictment of the close family members who ignored Sandra Bland’s pleas for bond money. They were certainly more ‘involved in her death” than any of the jailers.

So, after processing their linguistic linguini with a logic filter, what they are saying is that since white is comprised of the full color spectrum, that “white” people have the first, second, third, and final word?

What if the white person was a Muslim who is transgender? Would they still be discriminated against?

“Obviously, racial discrimination at a rally supposedly opposing racial discrimination is problematic.”

BUT, racial discrimination at a rally intended to stir up hate under the pretense of ending discrimination is completely appropriate.

I’m looking forward to a report from the front tomorrow! The Facebook page in the article seems to be getting a bit of pushback in the comments. Might there be a counter-protest in the works?

I suppose it is only natural that at a place where some of the smartest people actively push back the frontiers of math, physics, chemistry and biology there must be an equal and opposite force of ignorance and complete stupidity acting as a counterweight. I guess every yin must have a yang.

The hand of George Soros is all over this fiasco.

“Because “people of color” will be given preference in speaking over whites. At an anti-racism rally. Seriously.”

LOL, you simply can’t make this stuff up.

Designed by geniuses to be used by idiots: leftist fascists at say, Harvard, cook up these schemes to be used by the likes of the idiots running the rally at Ithaca.

The scheme is fascistic and the goal is fascism.

They do not see individual dignity for the color of the skin.

Does turning out the lights check my privilege?

If you are half white does that mean you have to go half way down the line? Or do you have to go to the back, but line up ahead of the fully white people? how about a quarter white? These people are ridiculous.
Perhaps the first question they should ask is to Tamir Rice’s parents: why did you never teach your son that you never ever point a weapon at a cop, even a toy gun? Don’t you think you share a small piece of responsibility?

I think all student funding should be based on economic need and academic merit. No names or identification should be allowed on the applications including photographs, ethnic background, race, or name of high school attended. The high schools should be given a rank and a number and an identifier such as public high school rank number or private high school rank number or homeschool. That way we could stop this ridiculous racist funding based on skin color. It may be difficult, but this false sense of entitlement based on skin color has gotten worse under Obama for 8 years and it needs to stop.

DDsModernLife | January 9, 2016 at 11:25 am

“Please also be sure to bring any signs or pictures of thoes affected by police brutality.”

Oh! How I’d love to attend and bring photos of these two policemen and the little 6yr old boy who was “affected”.

I know this is going to shatter your little Yankee world, but blacks are the worst racist on the planet. They hate just about everyone and have no intention of melding into a singular society. Now, why do we have to pretend that we want them to? Because you may be called a racist, big deal, you are no matter what. I listened to a series of lectures from the Teaching Company about cultural societies. The blacks for the most part (80/20 rules) are in their own culture, not those of our Anglo-Saxon-Italian culture here in the US. They don’t want in our click, they only want power. And you don’t have to approve or like their culture. That does not make you a racist. Consider the black culture as we know it, it is violent, repugnant in the treatment of women, intentionally ignorant, slothful, and filled with hate. Why do we endorse this? After all, tolerance is the worst form of bigotry, prejudice and racism that there is.

    Barry in reply to david7134. | January 9, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    “I know this is going to shatter your little Yankee world, but blacks democrats are the worst racist on the planet.”

    I fixed it for you. It has nothing to do with skin color.

I grew up on a farm near Interlaken in the late 60’s, about 18 miles away from Ithaca, and hung out there on Saturday nights. We thought they were all nuts then.

It would be interesting to see pictures of the people running this “ralley”.

Barry, I have worked, and lived with a large number of Blacks. I can assure you that I made no mistake in grouping them as racist. They even hate themselves. We spend a large amount of time trying to say that skin color makes no difference and that we all have the same genes and origin. That is true to an extent. But there are huge differences based simply on skin color. The sooner we address that issue and develop solutions, the sooner that we all thrive and advance. Sweeping the differences under the rug only causes dissension.

    Barry in reply to david7134. | January 9, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    You mistake culture for skin color. My guess is you also confuse racism with simple hatred, but that is not easily discernible from a few comments.

    Ever been out of the United States David? The Chinese are the single most racist group on the planet, followed closely by the Japanese. It has nothing to do with their color and everything to do with their culture.

Been out of the country plenty. And do agree with you observations on Asians, by the way, they act the same in the US. Now, Blacks in the US define themselves as a separate group, oh, for that matter, so do the Federal and State governments (ever heard of affirmative action?). Now, that skin color difference spreads to Blacks felling that they are a special group, again the 80/20 rule. As a special group they have a distinct culture, I know this from discussion with black co-workers and friends. This culture is horrible, you know the aspects of the culture, yet are afraid to confront it. Then you bring up hate. Why? Do you approve of the Black culture as we know it? Do you like the violence and the treatment of women? Certainly whites do similar things, but then we are back to the 80/20 rule. Try reading a book called “The Bell Curve”. It lays out some of the issues. But, I have worked in some of the worst aspects of our country, the back alleys, the Charity Hospitals, etc. I have seen first hand what most Americans are not even aware of, and I don’t care for it. Now, if I hated blacks, why would I care. The KKK found out that if you let black people alone, they would do more to themselves than the KKK could, so they stopped a considerable amount of their activity. I want change, I want to alter the black culture, but I can’t and no one else can until people like you confront the fact that problems exist and stop labeling others as racist or different because they see and know the problem.

    Barry in reply to david7134. | January 10, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    David, you misread what I said, or perhaps I wrote poorly.

    I am not calling you a hater or a racist.

    Regarding hatred, there is ample evidence that some blacks/minorities “hate” whitey because of real and perceived racism/discrimination. That is a reaction and not racism itself.

    There were, and still are a large number of whites who are racist. There are a large number of blacks who are racists. There are a huge number of (fill in the blank) who are racists. Are they racist because of their skin color? It is an identifier, but not the main culprit here.

    Where blacks in the early 1900’s racists? I find plenty of racism in that period but it was not the black folks. Affirmative action has led to a sense of entitlement. This is a democratic plantation device. Many whites feel the same way. I just thank you confuse racism with the commie/Marxist/entitlement condition fostered by the democratic party with their handmaidens, the republicans.

    The Bell Curve is now 20 years or so old. I read it a long time ago. I find it persuasive only with respect to people being a product of their culture…

    Racism is a belief that your race is superior to another one, or all the other one’s. I don’t find that black folks believe their race is superior, with a few exceptions of course.

Char Char Binks | January 10, 2016 at 6:46 pm

I’m perfectly willing to not lend my voice for their cause.