We reported recently on the murder of Israeli fertility nurse and mother of six Dafna Meir by a Palestinian.

Dafna Meir Israeli Mother Stabbed to death

Meir fought back but was stabbed to death in front of her children, as one child tried to help her:

A tear-choked Renana Meir, 17, apologized over her mother’s body on Monday for not preventing the Palestinian terrorist from stabbing her to death.

“I am sorry that in your most difficult moments I was not able to help you,” Renana said, as she looked out at the hundreds of mourners.

They had braved the cold afternoon wind to crowd around the shroud-covered body of Dafna Meir, 38, which lay on a gurney on the pavement in the parking lot of Jerusalem’s Har Hamenuhot Cemetery.

The suspect has been captured, and he is a 15-year old, via Times of Israel:

The suspect, said to be 15 years old, was arrested by IDF troops and agents from the Shin Bet security service in a village near Otniel, where he was hiding out, and was taken in for interrogation.

He is suspected of entering Meir’s home and killing her before fleeing the scene. Three of Meir’s six children were home when she was killed, and one, 17-year-old Renanaa, gave security forces a description of the terrorist.

One of the notable features of the so-called Knife Intifada is the many of the knife attacks have been carried out by Palestinian women and children.

Including this 16-year old who stabbed multiple people in Jerusalem:


And this woman:


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