From photographer (also, here, here), reporter, bumper sticker aficionado, music impresario, and (formerly) West Texas correspondent Danelle,:

At the feed store today… in Texas!

Danelle previously has reported to us on the big role competitive shooting played in her family, including this photo of her daughter at the range:

Danelle adds in a follow up email yesterday:

Retiring has been wonderful, we moved to a bright red Republican county in North Central Texas (you can see Oklahoma from here). We got here just in time for the drought to break – It started raining May 7 and really hasn’t stopped since then. 35 inches so far! Our tank has overflowed a couple of times and the weekly battle is keeping things mowed and the mosquitoes under control.

Heading to San Antonio next week for one of my favorite things – the Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Games. 2000 kids from 8 – 18 participating in Shotgun and Archery Events….. well, there’s that crazy 2nd Amendment Mom/Shooting Coach carrying on again!

Yes – the pic is real; that’s what our sunsets are like most nights! Have a wonderful and restful weekend (I’m not sure we can take many more political bombshells without sedation).

(click on the photo to enlarge, for the full beauty of the sunset)

North Central Texas Sunset