We have written before about the severe ammunition shortage ever since Democrats announced broadened gun control plans, with store shelves almost bare.

Reader Danelle writes about a shortage of .22LR ammunition affecting youth shooting groups:

As you know, one of my other jobs is teaching youth shooting sports disciplines. This morning I was included in the forward of this letter from Federal Ammunition sent out to our State Shooting Sports directors. For many years, Federal has provided good pricing and great service to help out our youth programs. My program was fortunate to have a small stockpile last fall, but we’re jealously guarding it. Fortunately, we already had an air rifle/air pistol program in place.

The entire letter from Federal Premium Ammunition, a division of ATK in Minnesota, is embedded below. The key part is (emphasis added):

There are a lot of programs that simply cannot get .22LR ammo in the market right now, and we are painfully aware that many of these programs will have to shut down as a result. We are looking at options to try to help, but every option is painful to someone. We are seeking concessions from some of our biggest customers to try to get more ammo to youth organizations, but I don’t know if that will be successful or not.

Many of you have already taken action, but for those of you that have not yet I would strongly recommend that you encourage clubs to direct kids to shoot air rifle/pistol this season rather than .22LR. (Keep in mind that we don’t make or sell any air rifle products.) I have also heard from a few clubs that have created their own new disciplines- shooting 17 HMR at 50 and 100 yards for example- to take advantage of equipment and ammo that is readily available. Flexibility during these crazy times is a good thing.

Federal Ammunition Letter to Youth Groups re Ammo Shortage

Danelle included this photo of her daughter on the range:

4-H Shooting Daughter


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