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Hay, that’s pretty funny

Hay, that’s pretty funny

Thanks to reader Danelle who writes:

We took this one this afternoon in Wise County, just west of Dallas.  Wise County is one of Texas’ hard hit counties from both drought and wildfire, the most recent being last week.  Many ranchers in the area are hard put to feed their cattle this fall.   Most are buying and bringing in hay or selling down their herds to reduce the stress on their pastures and water supplies. The great thing is that Texans are resilliant and know that good  times will be back and maintain a good sense of humor in the meantime.


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Someone might consider making this, using official font for the obama 2012: OBAMA 2012! Go for Broke!

There have also been a lot of crop failures down here in Texas this year. Let’s see, herds sold off early for lack of feed, crop failures. Hope everyone has a good recipe for dust because that’s what is coming out of a big portion of the farm and ranchland down here. Meanwhile, up along the mighty Mizzou River, flooding has killed a lot of that agricultural production. Meanwhile the corn reserves are going to alcohol and not in drinkable corn liquor but into gas tanks to reduce mileage.

Sure hope y’all have plenty of ammo for when the food riots start.

That is a work of art defending the art of work.