We have featured The Iveys before to a very good reader reaction.

The band members are the cousins of LI reader, photographer (also, here, here) and West Texas correspondent Danelle, who also happens to be one of the first to email me whenever I get a national media reference, usually in real time.

Danelle’s children and husband also help out the band.  The Iveys website is here.

The Iveys have come out with a new song.  Given the craziness of the season, I thought this would be a nice change.

Danelle writes:

A few of us our still working and making a small living out here in flyover country.

The Ivey’s debut “In the Dark” is from their sophomore album Days and Night. This time we follow the family ghost who has slipped in and out of gatherings for many years now. As always the production of an Ivey’s video is a family and friends affair from the camera work to the music and the actors. Special thanks to the actress Erin Ayub who has been a part of our families for so many years.


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