What is the line between political hyperbole and utter fantasy?

Whatever it is, President Obama has completely crossed that particular Rubicon. I recently noted that his assertions that America has become more respected internationally under his watch were not quite based in reality.

Now, it appears he has delusions regarding his faith:

Speaking to JPUpdates.com, top Obama confidant David Axelrod described a moment where the president expressed exasperation to him over being derided as anti-Israel by some.

“You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office,” the president claimed, according to Axelrod. “For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts.”

Given President Obama’s treatment of Bibi Netanyahu over the years, and the troubling deal with Iran that my colleague David Gerstman reviews, I must admit to being a bit perplexed.

However, because I am Catholic, maybe there is something I missed??? So, I went on a quest for information.

Perhaps it started in 2008, and his warm relationship with Chicago area Jews:

Quite a few of Barack Obama’s “friends from the past” have popped up recently. It’s doubtful whether he even knows their names, but in the Chicago Jewish community many people really are long-time friends of the president-elect. Some of the older people in the community say that they “raised him,” while others half-jokingly call Obama “the first Jewish president.”

However, his approval rating among American Jews has declined since then, and it is at a dismal 15% among Israelis!

Still, maybe I am missing something? As progressives are very big on “consensus”, I thought I would ask my Jewish friends for their opinion of Obama’s statement.

Roger Cohen, who has assisted me in promoting the realities of climate science, had this observation:

Well, this is not a surprise since he considers himself the embodiment of Abraham and Moses, with a strong dose of Lincoln and Reagan as well. No revered icon is safe!


A long-time friend of mine, Liz Schiffer Trombley, agrees:

I’m Jewish, and the only person close to being a Jew is another Jew. That was a silly thing for him to say. Anti-semitism is awful, but having him say that certainly doesn’t change anything…..it was a bizarre statement!

Fox News pundit Charles Krauthammer, also a Jew, has this assessment:

Well, I’m not sure I even understand what that means. But perhaps the judgment of Israelis, who 6 million of them are Jews, have a pretty good idea of what a Jew is and, more importantly have what a good idea of what a friend is…The overwhelming majority of the Israelis know that this president has been probably the least favorable to Israel of any in Israel’s history and at a moment where Israel’s existence is actually in question.

So, with this consensus, it demonstrates “incontrovertible” proof that Obama’s assertion about being the “closest thing to a Jew” who has ever been POTUS is not grounded in reality.

Why did he say it? Perhaps because he is peeved that he is not popular anymore? Obama is looking to blame someone, so Axelrod floated a trial balloon during the interview that is the source of that presidential quote.

Axelrod suggested that not only is Netanyahu to blame for the bad relations between the two executives, but Axelrod also blames Netanyahu for causing some people to view Obama as not only anti-Israel, but anti-Semitic as well.

…The political operative, Axelrod, went on to attack Netanyahu’s integrity not only in his dealings with Obama, but as the leader of Israel.

I asked another Jewish friend, Alan Rockman, who he thought was the “most Jewish” of our presidents.

Lincoln was VERY close to the Jewish community and felt a kinship with them, so I’d say he was. [George W. Bush], unlike his daddy, also respected and liked Jewish Americans – even if they didn’t like him. A lot of folks like Truman because he recognized Israel and fought for Jewish emigration to Israel. Believe it or not, I’d put Nixon up there because despite those tapes its deeds that count, and he saved Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

As a Catholic, I am going out on a limb to make a prediction. When Pope Francis comes to America this September, Obama will ask to be canonized. The rationale will be that he is, “the closest thing to a saint that there has ever been in the White House.”

Look, he’s got the halo to prove it!

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