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Obama: Join the Army, Measure Ice!

Obama: Join the Army, Measure Ice!

Our troops may find bigger glaciers . . . unexpectedly!

One one hand, it is comforting to know President Obama can target the enemy and use American resources to counter it.

On the other hand, it is very disturbing when that enemy is . . . climate change.

Obama is acting upon his delusion that the biggest global security threats involve weather patterns and he’s now calling on American troops to respond.

A recent Government Accountability Office report examined the Defense Department’s role in the Arctic, which increasingly will include “monitoring the changing Arctic conditions,” such as ice levels.

The administration contends that changing ice levels in the Arctic could require additional U.S. military presence in the region, justifying the need for the Pentagon to commit significant time and resources to monitoring the effects of climate change.

“Difficulty in developing accurate sea ice models, variability in the Arctic’s climate, and the uncertain rate of activity in the region create challenges for DOD to balance the risk of having inadequate capabilities or insufficient capacity when required to operate in the region with the cost of making premature or unnecessary investments,” reads a portion of the study, which was released Friday. “DOD plans to mitigate this risk by monitoring the changing Arctic conditions to determine the appropriate timing for capability investments.”

Other examples of the military embracing Mr. Obama’s climate goals include the construction of a massive solar power project at Fort Benning, Georgia, and the Navy’s move toward a “green fleet” that is far less reliant on fossil fuels.

Perhaps this attitude is why the Taliban felt emboldened enough to attack the Afghanistan parliament while it was in session to endorse a new defense minister, replete with a huge car bomb? I suspect more “workplace violence” will be breaking out in Afghanistan’s government buildings, too, as Obama’s plans for further troop reductions in that region are implemented.

What exactly will our military find on their Arctic retreat?

The Antarctic ice levels set a new record last year. This year, 4 of the 5 Great Lakes froze over; perhaps our servicemen can stay home and monitor if it will be 5 for 5 next winter?

The cooling trend has actually been reported in the British press.

Enjoy the summer, if we get one, as Britain faces a new ‘mini Ice Age’.

Climate experts are warning the amount of light and warmth released by the sun is nose-diving to levels “not seen for centuries”.

But first we need to get through Tropical Storm Bill – which threatens to unleash “tropical” downpours this weekend.

The storm – which battered the US claiming three lives – is set to hit the UK on Thursday with humid air pushing temperatures towards 28°C in places.

The British article attributes a “Maunder Minimum” (covered in a previous post), which is the reduction in the number of sun spots in response to a lessening of solar activity, as the potential cause of the upcoming “Mini Ice Age”.

After a tour of the Arctic, perhaps our military leadership could convince President Obama that the study of solar activity would be better done in the desert . . . and if they happen to kill a few terrorists along the way, it would be an extra bonus.

With this approach, American troops could address a real national security threat as well as the delusional one on which Obama is fixated.


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“Difficulty in developing accurate sea ice models, variability in the Arctic’s climate, and the uncertain rate of activity in the region…”

Oh, twaddle. There are no uncertainties; the “science is settled,” as the government has told us repeatedly.

This is scary stuff. Now that it is ‘normal’ for US combat troops to chase global warming boogymen through the artic, it will soon be ‘normal’ for them to start chasing commenters on

Subotai Bahadur | June 27, 2015 at 8:47 pm

Another “reason” to join the military.

Over the years since 9/11 a number of my extended family have been in the various services. I am proud to say, there have been a lot of SpecOps involved. I am also proud to say that all but one are out, and not under control of this government. My Marine E-8 relative is not far from retiring, and I want him out badly. And I will not be encouraging anyone to join in the foreseeable future.

They swore an Oath to the Constitution in a country under the rule of law. In the absence of those, the chances that any troops in service would be used against the American people are too great.

Don’t worry. Any officers who desire promotion are smart enough not to report an increase in arctic ice.

What is O’s long-term plan for our military forces? To dismantle them?

““Difficulty in developing accurate sea ice models,”
No surprise since the “scientists” have yet to develop an accurate model for ANY aspect of the climate.
” variability in the Arctic’s climate,”
Amazing, he figured out that climate changes.

Who knew that the ebbing and/or expanding ice was tweeting “Death to America” and “Death to the West” and “Long live the Supreme Iceberg”?

Maybe we should send John Kerry to a North Pole summit in Vienna. Kerry could talk to the ice. He would likely have the same success, though, as he has had talking to the Iranians. The Iranians aren’t budging but maybe ice will give in after a few trips to Vienna.

And, maybe SCOTUS should get involved and give ice equal “dignity” under the law. Maybe that would change ice’s cultural demeanor. Oh, wait, silly me, Obama has already made AGW more important than any American or any American value.

I sure hope our military don’t have to keep a day to day diary of ice change. You know how fickle ice is.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | June 28, 2015 at 8:09 am

Here’s a July 9, 1971 Washington Post article citing a prominent NASA and Columbia University climate physicist predicting temperatures could cool six degrees in 50 or 60 years if we don’t stop using fossil fuels. Of course, a government scientist in Nixon’s administration backed him up. So you see, fossil fuels cause either catastrophic global warming or ice ages, depending on what is most political useful to scare the public into surrendering more liberty to government to control how you live.

My prediction is that if we do actually experience a slight cooling because of the Maunder Minimum in solar activity, the “experts” will twist and turn again and instead of attributing it to the solar cycle, once again fossil fuel usage will be the culprit.