Defenders of the Confederate Flag, prepare to feel really, really uncomfortable—you have an unlikely ally(ish).

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz is a dependable progressive shill. When Republicans retook the Senate last year, he was apoplectic; when he encounters right wing opposition, he blatantly shuts it down.

All in all, he’s a belligerent with a bullhorn; but this past week he accidentally made a little bit of sense when he weighed in on the Confederate Flag debate. Addressing the breathless purge of the “stars and bars,” he said that “[t]he desecration of our nation’s history, I think, is dangerous and I think it’s unproductive.”


Newsbusters has the transcript:

You know, I understand the effort to remove the Confederate flag from state capitols in the South and anywhere else in this country. There’s no doubt about it that it sends the wrong message. But at this point, I asked the question, is it overboard? And I don’t understand the attempt to erase American history as if it’s going to change our course as a nation. It’s not.

The desecration of our nation’s history, I think, is dangerous and I think it’s unproductive. American history and our roots as a nation needs (sic) to be, number one, understood. It needs to be properly interpreted. It needs to be taught. And at a level, I think, it needs to be respected to be put in its proper context to the recognition of what has developed our great nation and how we have moved forward.

Whether or not you agree with him about the removal of the flag from official locations, I think we can all agree that what he’s saying here is a deviation from the left’s message on this so far.

Of course, he goes on to say that he personally feels that the display of the flag is “misplaced”—but then recovers and stumbles over the truth once more…

…But to erase the roots of our country serves no purpose for future generations. There’s now a big discussion about, what are we going to do with statues that are inside the United States Capitol? I think you can make the case that the Capitol is a museum because of all the incredible historical events that have happened in our Capitol, and it is a part of our national discussion about where we have been.

And so, I think it serves no purpose to this country for future generations if we’re going to totally rewrite the history books and I see an avalanche starting with the removal of the Confederate flag. We have to do this in a smart way.

…only to faceplant in a puddle of muddled liberalism. What an unsatisfying dismount:

It does underscore what a great nation we have become and what we’ve evolved to that what we’re doing and reacting and understanding, what we have to do as a society. The sad commentary here is that it took the death of nine people for us to realize, you know, maybe that flag is the wrong message. Maybe that flag is the wrong symbol. Maybe we ought to take it down. We can take it down and it’s not going to change anybody’s life. But it is going to send a better message to America that where we were as a country back then is not where we are today.

Actually, the “sad commentary” here is that a man who hops on the air and gets away with pretty much everything felt the need to skate backwards into a PC safety net rather than leaving it at, “hey, maybe the purging of ‘dangerous ideas’ from society doesn’t count as ‘progress.'”

The takeaway here is that liberals have gone so overboard with regards to the purging of the flag that one of their most reliable talking heads has noticed, and taken pause—even if it was only for a moment.

File it away; it’s something.


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