This perfectly encapsulates the RFRA ‘debate.’ Though I’d argue there isn’t really a debate, but a free for all slugfest of misinformation and demagoguery exacerbated by an ignorant, culture warrior class masquerading as Media.

Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation joined Ed Schultz to discus Indiana’s RFRA law. Schultz however, was not prepared to have a discussion based on the factual merits of the law. Repeated attempts to evade honest debate left Schultz saying, “you’re telling me if I live in Indiana and I own that restaurant, I can tell them [gays and lesbians] to get the hell out of out of here, and you don’t think that’s discrimination? That’s the position of the right wing, correct?”

Anderson retorts, “I don’t believe that’s the position of the right wing. I don’t know anyone in this debate… please point to names of people who are saying restaurant owners should be kicking gays and lesbians out of their restaurants. You’re demagoguing them.”

At the point where Anderson reiterates, “you just slandered the Governor, you called him a homophobe,” Schultz has Anderson’s mic cut off.

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