We’ve featured many videos of the street harassment that accompanies Walking While Jewish in many European cities, including Paris, Copenhagen, Malmö and parts of Britain.

So here is a change of pace.

Chabad, the Lubavitch Orthodox Jewish organization, has emissaries and houses on campuses and locations around the world. It is not a proselytizing group. It doesn’t seek to convert anyone, focusing instead on bringing Judaism to Jews.

“Everything in this world was created for a divine purpose. All forms of modern technology can and should be harnessed to make the world a better place and, in the case of Jews, to spread Judaism in the widest possible manner.” as quoted in The New York Times

“No Jew should ever be lost to the Jewish people, no Jew must ever be lonely.” as quoted in The Jewish Week

The campus Chabads are particularly fantastic, in my experience. Non-judgmental, welcoming, and enthusiastic (that’s an understatement). Major shout out to the folks at Cornell Chabad and the recently opened Chabad of Clinton (NY), servicing my alma mater, Hamilton College.

Chabad produced a video of one of its Rabbis spending 10 hours walking through Montevideo, Uruguay.

An amazing thing happened.

Nothing. Other than some compliments.

Here’s the video (Go directly to Facebook here for the original.)


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