The delicate flowers at Georgetown who demanded “Trigger Warnings” for Christina Hoff Sommer’s talk really should come to California.

Here they will experience a political San Andreas fault, where progressive theory collides with daily reality….and Californians are hit with the falling debris.

Bruce Jenner’s public reveal has brought transgender issues into the national conversation, despite a myriad of urgent matters that could really use more attention. However, California has been enacting gender identification polices for years (to the point we have to have ballot measures demanding bathroom privacy rights).

In preparation for life under Obamacare, I want to offer this example of what happens when public health care gets coupled with personal politics. It features a single mom, Cindy K., who recently took her 11-year old son for a simple physical exam required for middle school entry.

After taking her son’s vitals, she reports the doctor began to ask some really troubling questions about gender and sexual  identity:

…The doctor then proceeded to ask…”do you know what your gender identity is?” I looked at the doctor and said, “What are you asking my son?” She proceeded to explain to me that sometimes kids don’t know and they like to help explain it to them. My son asked what the doctor was asking him and I said, “She wants to know if you are a boy or a girl?” My son looked at me funny and said, “I’m a boy”, with a look of bewilderment on his face. The doctor then proceeded to ask if my 11 year old son new what his sexual identity is?”

At this point I stopped again and said, “Why are you asking these questions?” The doctor’s response was that not all parents have these conversations with their kids, so they want to be the one’s to explain it to the kids. Again, my son asked me what the doctor was asking him. I said, “Well, the doctor wants to know if you would prefer to kiss boys or girls.” My son had a look of disgust on his face and said, “A girl, of course”.

Where do I start with what is wrong with this whole scenario? Did I mention that the doctor was typing all the answers to these questions into her little computer? None of these questions have anything at all to do with my son’s physical health. Second, at what point did the job of raising kids and educating them become the responsibility of the health community and not the parents?…

Cindy’s college degree is in Child and Adolescent Studies, and she asserts that figuring out one’s identity is a normal part of adolescence and these struggles help kids actually transition into adulthood. Scenarios such as this create more conflict and identity crises for children. Cindy notes that without the right support, some young people may start questioning themselves in areas that would never had troubled them before.

Tammy Bruce concurs. During a recent interview on the subject of the elementary school in Maine reading a book about a “transgendered child”, the conservative talk show host and another guest (a psychologist) discussed the appropriateness of presenting this sort of information to small children.

The psychologist and I agreed: This sort of information has no business being taught to small children in the school system, and certainly not without the express approval of their parents.

I expect people to disagree with me on certain issues, including about how adults handle issues of sex and identity, but dignity demands that we leave the 5-year-olds out of it.

Cindy also indicated that the physician questioned the boy on other controversial subjects, such as whether there were guns in the household. But, perhaps the scariest part of her report was this:

[The doctor] explained to me that she would be asking my son a series of questions and that since this was the first time she would let me sit it on the questioning, but in the future they ask the parents to wait outside while they speak with the kids. I asked why that was, and the doctor stated that the kids feel more comfortable talking when the parents aren’t in the room.

Welcome to life under our new healthcare system, comrades!


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