Russia’s Vladimir Putin isn’t letting the untimely death of an opposition leader distract him from creating Soviet Empire version 2.0.

With the Obama Administration suggesting jobs as a solution to ISIS and its brutal ambitions, the Russian leader seems to be forging a key alliance with two countries that are extremely concerned about the terrorist take-over of Libya.

Various unconfirmed reports are emerging indicating that there may be joint international action planned in Libya as early as next week.

Egypt is already conducting air strikes against ISIS-linked targets in Derna, close to where Egyptian Coptics were massacred recently, as displayed in a gruesome video. Debka reports that Egypt’s president Abdel al-Fattah al-Sisi is planning further action in Libya, including more air strikes and possible ground troops, within a few days. According to the report, Egyptian commando and marine forces are preparing for sea landings to seize Derna and destroy the terrorist elements there. If this attack is actually launched, it will be the first time in modern times that an Arab country has sent ground forces into another Arab country.

Al-Jazeera television reports that the Italian navy is getting ready to carry off sophisticated military drills off the coast of Libya as early as Monday. Although Italy claims that it will be a regular exercise, there are many more vessels taking part in this year’s exercise than have in the past, which Italy explains by saying that they are testing out sophisticated new technologies.

…Some reports indicate that Russia has hinted at a willingness to participate in a naval blockade of Libya to prevent arm supplies from leaving Libya for other countries. Russia could play a role in this because it already has a naval fleet in the Mediterranean.

These are all unconfirmed reports of possible military action in Libya by Egypt, Italy and Russia. There are no reports of possible participation by Nato or the United States.

The fact that Egypt’s defense minister is now in Moscow lends credence to these reports.

Egyptian Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi started a trip to Russian capital Moscow on Saturday, leading a high-level military delegation, a statement from the Egyptian armed forces said.

According to the statement, the official visit is due to last “several days” and will involve “important” consultations “with top Russian military officials, with the purpose of increasing the aspects of military and security cooperation.”

The officials are also due to discuss the “transfer” and “exchange” of military expertise, the statement said.

This development could have reasonably been anticipated by anyone paying attention to the recent thawing of cool relations between Egypt and Russia and Italy’s concerns about its military readiness against attacks ISIS has threatened.

It is heartening to see world leaders understand they military leadership is required, not some well-spoken community organizer. Sadly, it doesn’t seem likely the threat of ISIS will be taken seriously by this administration…and we may not have time for a new President to take over before America truly faces an “existential threat“.

As King Abdullah of Jordan just notes, this may already be a Third World War:

I’ve said this to leaders both in the Islamic and Arab world and to the world in general: This is a third World War by other means. This brings Muslims, Christians, other religions together in this generational fight that all of us have to be in this together.

So it’s not a Western fight. This is a fight inside of Islam where everybody comes together against these outlaws, so to speak, together. And there’s a short-term part of this which is the military part of the issue. There is the medium part which is the security element of it. And then there’s a long-term element of this, which is obviously the ideological one.

(Image from Youtube Video).