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Remembering the anti-Semitic “pro-Palestinian” Paris riots of July 2014

Remembering the anti-Semitic “pro-Palestinian” Paris riots of July 2014

Anti-Semitic violence in Paris didn’t start with Hyper Cacher supermarket, and won’t end there.

The attack by radical Islamists at the Paris Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket left four hostages dead, plus one of the gunmen.

The Hyper Cacher supermarket attack appears to have been coordinated with the two men who killed 12 at Charlie Hebdo.

The specter of widespread anti-Semitism on the streets of Paris is nothing new. It has been fueled not only by centuries-old hatreds, but by the more modern Islamist, “anti-Zionist” and BDS movements whose hatred of Israel is obsessive and dehumanizing.

Below are a couple of videos from the assaults on Jewish sections of Paris and a Synagogue during “pro-Palestinian” riots last summer over the Gaza conflict.

See also several of my posts (some of the videos in the posts have gone bad):


JimMtnViewCaUSA | January 9, 2015 at 3:52 pm

Although it is not violence specifically visited on Jews, I’ve wondered lately about the “car-B-Q” events that used to happen every summer in Europe. “Youths” (Muslims) would burn cars. Occasionally fire crews would be attacked when they responded to put out the fire.

Did it become so commonplace that no one covers it anymore? Did it wither away as a staple of Muslim Performance Art?

Who are the idiots in the Euro gov’ts that thought it would be a good idea to import lots of Muslims?

And I read that the ferguson ‘protesters’ are being flown to Palestine territory to learn new violence tactics.