Margie in Tel Aviv called attention today to a Christopher Hitchen’s quote.

I had not heard that before, so I looked it up, here is the clip, from 2010 (transcription):

“And I’ll close by saying this. Because anti-Semitism is the godfather of racism and the gateway to tyranny and fascism and war, it is to be regarded not as the enemy of the Jewish people, I learned, but as the common enemy of humanity and of civilisation, and has to be fought against very tenaciously for that reason, most especially in its current, most virulent form of Islamic Jihad….

Our task is to call this filthy thing, this plague, this—this pest, by its right name; to make unceasing resistance to it, knowing all the time that it’s probably ultimately ineradicable, and bearing in mind that its hatred towards us is a compliment, and resolving (some of the time, at any rate) to do a bit more to deserve it. Thank you.”

What we are seeing is anti-Semitism back in the open in the name of anti-Zionism. You cannot separate the two in the political real world.

In addition to all the other videos and images we have protested, here is France, where anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian street rioters wear “Boycott Israel” shirts (which we have seen before):

Here is Paris burning during anti-Semitic riots (more here):

It is important to document this widespread, worldwide anti-Semitism which infuses these “pro-Palestinian” protests.

It’s not a one-off phenomenon. It’s not soccer hooligans or neo-Nazis. It’s part of the anti-Zionist narrative which transcends normal political alignments — a coalition of Islamists and Leftists united in the desire for the end of Israel expressed through a hatred of Jews.

Haaretz reports:

Jews in Europe are facing a rising tide of anti-Semitism, as left-wing, right-wing and Islamic groups take to the streets to protest against Israel’s military operation in Gaza.

In Toulouse, France, over the weekend, police arrested a man for throwing fire-bombs at a local Jewish center. The fire-bombs failed to ignite.

In Britain, police have recorded more than 100 anti-Jewish hate crimes since the Gaza conflict began, including an attack on a rabbi by four Muslim youths in Gateshead, a Hassidic enclave in north-east England, and bricks thrown through the windows of a Belfast synagogue on two successive nights.

In Norway, police have recommended the temporary closure of two Jewish museums, for fear of attack, while in Copenhagen on the weekend police dispersed a pro-Israel rally out of concern for the safety of the participants.

German TV showed protesters from the country’s Arab minority threatening violence against Jews at a demonstration in Berlin on Thursday. Similar incidents took place in Frankfurt and Essen recently, according to police.

And it’s not just in Europe, but in Miami and Boston and other cities in the U.S.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Never forget it.

Add to the list London, where the @JHunters_Corner Twitter account and blog post at The Times of Israel, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and The Babylonian Talmud anti-Semitic theories were being promoted:

As were crude anti-Semitic tropes about Zionist control (what the intellectuals in the U.S. call the “Israel Lobby”):

London anti-Israel protest 7-26-2017 Netanyahu Circumcision

(London 7-26-2014, credit Jonathan Hunter, with permission)

London anti-Israel protest 7-26-2017 Israel master US Britain

(London 7-26-2014, credit Jonathan Hunter, with permission)

And support for Hezbollah and Iran, which seek Israel’s destruction, was everywhere:

London anti-Israel protest 7-26-2017 Hezbollah Iran Flags

(London 7-26-2014, credit Jonathan Hunter, with permission)

(London 7-26-2014, credit Jonathan Hunter, with permission)

(London 7-26-2014, credit Jonathan Hunter, with permission)

More to come.

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