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American Historical Association rejects anti-Israel Resolutions

American Historical Association rejects anti-Israel Resolutions

Sanity prevails, a good start to the New Year.

At the American Historical Association annual meeting in New York City, an anti-Israel group called Historians Against the War sought to present two anti-Israel resolutions (here and here).

Neither resolution called for a boycott of Israel, because they knew that would not pass (the AHA apparently is not controlled by anti-Israel radical activists, unlike the American Studies Association).

So in a strategy we have seen at the Modern Language Association, a resolution condemning alleged Israeli offenses against Palestinian academic freedom was offered. (It failed at MLA, btw.) This is the stepping stone approach — first get a resolution condemning, then later come back with a boycott resolution.

The resolutions were factually inaccurate and engaged in unsubstantiated hyperbole.

But the resolution sponsors missed the November 1 deadline for the resolutions to be considered at the business meeting. Only an affirmative vote at the business meeting could send the resolutions to a full membership vote.

So the anti-Israel activists sought to have the business meeting rules suspended. That would require at least a 100 person quorum and a two-thirds vote.

Based on the Twitter feed, it appears that the motion to suspend the rules met spirited opposition on a variety of grounds, including the lack of good grounds for missing the deadline, the importance of providing adequate time to fact check the resolution, and the merits of the ultimate resolution.

The vote at the business meeting was taken just minutes ago.

The motion failed, with 144 voting No, 54 voting Yes, and 3 voting Present. So the Resolutions will not even be debated, much less sent to the membership.

Sanity prevailed someplace in academia. A good start to the New Year.


Here is a video of the “Radical Historians” meeting at the conference yesterday, composed of many of the people pushing the anti-Israel resolutions.

Here are some tweets from people in the room when the vote took place today, as well as some others commenting.


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Sadly “sanity prevailing” is all too often a surprise. Especially among academics where it should be a necessity. I cannot understand how this country let a bunch of insane, mean-spirited, demagogues, and lunatics take over our institutions of “higher learning”. Then I cannot understand why many middle-class American beggar themselves to send their children to such places.

Larry A. Singleton | January 8, 2015 at 2:16 am

Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom and The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz

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Ivory Towers On Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer
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Part I

Starter Kit on “Right of Return” bulls**t:

The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East by Caroline B. Glick. READ THIS BOOK!!!

The Haj by Leon Uris (A Primer on the “right to return” scam)
Lessons from ‘The Haj’ A book review by Joseph Puder


Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America by Brigitte Gabriel (These three books should be sold as a gift set.)

The World’s Fastest Growing Faith is Not Islam! by Roy Doliner 1-5-15 (The Times of Israel)

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The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From the Sacred Texts to Solemn History by Andrew G. Bostom (Read the “Note on the Cover Art-Execution of a Moroccan Jewess” or this book Review/article by Benjamin District; “Jewess Heroine-Sol Hachuel”.

Supplemental Article “The First and Last Enemy: Jew Hatred in Islam.” by Bostom

The so-called West Bank was captured legitimately (according to Internation law) from Jordan (not the Palestinians!) by Israel during its war of self defense in 1967. The armies of 5 Arab countries, numbering 250,000 soldiers (supported by 8 other Arab countries), attacked the tiny state of Israel in June 1967. Miraculously these Arab armies were defeated (in 6 days!) A ‘naqba’ (disaster) for ISRAEL was successfully averted. In 2000 in Camp David, under Pres. Clinton, Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered 97% of the West bank and Gaza to the Palestinians. The offer was rejected out of hand by Arafat without any further discussion and he ordered the intifada. Under the (ostensibly) hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Israel in 2005 totally evacuated Gaza based on a promise of peace by the PA – who, once again, did not live up to their side of the bargain.

Martin Kramer:
Gaza is a place with no Israeli settlements, from which Israel has totally withdrawn to the 1967 lines, and which nonetheless has become a Hamas terror state. That’s what happens in conditions of Gazafication. So when people say that in a two-state solution, Palestinians would have a “right of return” to the West Bank and not Israel, I do not find that particularly reassuring either. Any influx of Palestinians across the Jordan poses a problem for Israel, and it is naive to dismiss it. I would like to hear how, in a two-state scenario, Gazafication of the West Bank can be prevented. I haven’t heard it yet.

Neither have I.

Larry A. Singleton | January 8, 2015 at 2:23 am

Yeah; here’s what Israel-bashing “historians” are all about: Read Mark Tapson’s article “Dracula and the Sultan” in FrontPage Magazine. And read the screed that inspired Tapson’s article by Elest Ali.

Read Roy Doliner’s “The World’s Fastest Growing Faith is Not Islam!”