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Rasmea Odeh may fist pump her way to longer sentence (#Justice4Rasmea)

Rasmea Odeh may fist pump her way to longer sentence (#Justice4Rasmea)

Metaphor for anti-Israel activist community.

Rasmea Odeh, convicted in Israel of involvement in a supermarket bombing that killed two students and in Detroit of immigration fraud, was released yesterday on $50,000 cash bond.

Prosecutors had planned to challenge the source of the bond money, but withdrew that challenge.

Odeh’s guilt on the bombing and other terrorist activity, and the immigration fraud, is beyond serious doubt, notwithstanding the propaganda hyperbole by anti-Israel activists and websites supporting her.

Odeh will be sentenced in March. She faces 10 years in prison, but almost certainly will receive a small fraction of that. Regardless, she will be deported after her prison sentence.

Yet Odeh’s inability to acknowledge her guilt on the immigration charge, and defiant claims that the immigration conviction was unjust and based on racism, may result in a longer prison sentence than otherwise could be expected.

Acceptance of guilt, remorse and conduct during and after the trial are all factors Judge Gershwin A. Drain can take into account.

The Judge already has commented on Odeh’s attitude when he granted her bond pending sentencing:

Additionally, the Government has made compelling arguments concerning Defendant’s seeming proclivity for dishonesty, as well as her apparent disdain for this Court’s Orders. It is of course not lost on this Court that Defendant’s testimony concerning her escape from prison in Israel suggests her belief that her actions were warranted because her conviction was unjustified Defendant has expressed a similar feeling concerning her recent conviction for unlawful procurement of naturalization.

Odeh also had disciplinary problems during her short stay in jail after conviction but before release (which, of course, her supporters falsely spun into a grand government conspiracy).

Her fist pumping encourages supporters, but likely will result in a longer prison sentence.

I doubt she cares.

From all appearances, she has convinced herself of the delusion that she’s a victim instead of a perpetrator. And in that sense, serves as a metaphor for the anti-Israel activist community.

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PoliticiansRscum | December 12, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Has anyone ever met a repentant bastard?

She believes her own hyperbole, and she wants to be a martyr for her cause.

It’s the only logical explanation for her behavior.

Hopefully, that fist of hers will wind up where the sun don’t shine.