We made the Students for Justice in Palestine Zionist enemies list.

I really can’t imagine why.

Maybe it’s because we exposed in great, fully-documented detail, what SJP on campus actually represents.

How SJP at Northeastern University engaged in “dorm storming” and marched to the chant of “Long Live Intifada” (the bloody suicide bombing campaign directed at Israeli civilians).

And the dorm storming at New York University, in violation of university rules.

And the disruption at Cornell University:

Language Warning

And at U. Michigan, UCLA and elsewhere, the pushback against SJP’s divestment initiatives.

And at Vassar College, the picketing of a course involving travel to Israel, the jeering and mocking of pro-Israel Jewish students, the defacing of of a pro-Israel Wall of Truth, and the distribution of a Nazi (yes, literally Nazi, not neo-Nazi, not Nazi-like) cartoon.

Vassar SJP Twitter Nazi Poster Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.03.51 AM

And the attack by a “friend” of SJP at Temple University on a pro-Israel student.

And if we have been somewhat active in opposing the discriminatory anti-Israel academic boycott, and documenting the pathology of the BDS movement, well that’s more in the plus column for us.

And let’s add one more to the list, this time for the SJP national conference:

If exposing the truth about the anti-Israel movement on campus gets us on an SJP national enemies list, we must be doing something right.