This is a little spooky.

Here’s a blog post I wrote in November 2012, the last time Israel had to deal with the terrorist alliance in Gaza and its rocket fire:

Our Blog Friends in Israel - November 2012

Since then, we have added more Israeli blog friends, many of whom I met on my trip to Israel last summer.

So once again pay a visit to and say a prayer for our blog friends in Israel. Let them know we stand with them.

Bloggers I’ve met:

Israel Matzav — also known as Carl in Jerusalem (Featured Image).

Anne’s Opinions — also known as Anne in Petah Tikva.

IsraellyCool — also known as Aussie Dave and others.

CiF Watch — also known as Adam Levick.

BBC Watch — also known as Hadar Sela.

NGO Monitor — also known as Prof. Gerald Steinberg and others.

Bloggers I haven’t met:

The Muqata — also known as Jameel, “Wherever I may be, my blog turns toward Eretz Yisrael ” His Facebook page is the go-to place for updates.

An Israeli Soldier’s Mother –  Also known as Paula.


David suggested these blogs as well:

My Right Word (Yisrael Medad)

Shilo Musings (Batya Medad)

This Ongoing War (Arnold and Frimet Roth – Their daughter Malki was killed in Sbarro’s in 2001)

Dry Bones (Yaakov Kirschen)

If there is anyone else who should be on the list, post in comments and I will add.


Reader Carol reminds me that I forgot Caroline Glick. How could I have done that? I guess because I think of her as a force of nature, not a blogger.

Carol also suggests Adina Kutnicki

Arlene from Israel (from the comments)

[Featured Image: Carl in Jerusalem (left) and I at the Mamila Mall][are the grammar police happy now?]