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We Stand With our Blog Friends in Israel

We Stand With our Blog Friends in Israel

Pay a visit to and say a prayer for our blog friends in Israel.

This is a little spooky.

Here’s a blog post I wrote in November 2012, the last time Israel had to deal with the terrorist alliance in Gaza and its rocket fire:

Our Blog Friends in Israel - November 2012

Since then, we have added more Israeli blog friends, many of whom I met on my trip to Israel last summer.

So once again pay a visit to and say a prayer for our blog friends in Israel. Let them know we stand with them.

Bloggers I’ve met:

Israel Matzav — also known as Carl in Jerusalem (Featured Image).

Anne’s Opinions — also known as Anne in Petah Tikva.

IsraellyCool — also known as Aussie Dave and others.

CiF Watch — also known as Adam Levick.

BBC Watch — also known as Hadar Sela.

NGO Monitor — also known as Prof. Gerald Steinberg and others.

Bloggers I haven’t met:

The Muqata — also known as Jameel, “Wherever I may be, my blog turns toward Eretz Yisrael ” His Facebook page is the go-to place for updates.

An Israeli Soldier’s Mother –  Also known as Paula.


David suggested these blogs as well:

My Right Word (Yisrael Medad)

Shilo Musings (Batya Medad)

This Ongoing War (Arnold and Frimet Roth – Their daughter Malki was killed in Sbarro’s in 2001)

Dry Bones (Yaakov Kirschen)

If there is anyone else who should be on the list, post in comments and I will add.


Reader Carol reminds me that I forgot Caroline Glick. How could I have done that? I guess because I think of her as a force of nature, not a blogger.

Carol also suggests Adina Kutnicki

Arlene from Israel (from the comments)

[Featured Image: Carl in Jerusalem (left) and I at the Mamila Mall][are the grammar police happy now?]


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DINORightMarie | July 11, 2014 at 1:12 pm

lol – about the “grammar police”!!

[The correct way to say that would be “Carl in Jerusalem (left) and I me at the Mamila Mall.”

Take out the other part of the compound subject (i.e. “Carl in in Jerusalem and”), then test the sentence: “I at the Mamila Mall” vs. “Me at the Mamila Mall” – the latter is correct.

I am a proud member of the grammar police, thank you. 😉 ]

All that aside, I stand with you, Israel, and the wonderful Israeli bloggers you list!!!

At first glance, thought you were Michael Douglas.

I don’t know of any bloggers over there however if you know of any that need any help from me getting their words out on my site by all means let me know.
I’ll help whenever I can.

What? I was hoping to see you two guys doing the “Happy in Jerusalem” dance.

I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

The commentators are correct – I is the first-person subject pronoun, me is the first-person object pronoun.

The sentence “Me and Carl at the mall” is really “(This is [understood]) me and Carl at the mall”. Tell the original grammar police that they’re unlawfully citing people.

Ceterum autem censeo Hamas esse delendam

I saw the most amazing photo recently that was supposed to be the Elephants in the Tel-aviv zoo forming a protective ring around their young while the air raid warnings were sounding.

    DINORightMarie in reply to Musson. | July 11, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    I saw that too. Very moving, and frightening – the people there screamed when the bomb hit…..and the animals were making frightened sounds, cries.

    To think that Hamas (Palestinians) is (are) telling their women and children to STAY put when Israeli warnings come that they are in a targeted area and be killed, to be used as human shields…..sick, evil.

Prayers for the safety of the innocent, and the swift apprehension and punishment of the murderers.

civil truth | July 11, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Here’s another Israeli blogger to add to your list:

Arlene from Israel

BannedbytheGuardian | July 11, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Really they should not have kidnapped & killed those 3 boys. That was asking for it . I think Israelis are prepared to suffer the blows amongst the action.

Never should we think we or our particular friends are above the fray . Winning requires losses that are much less than the opposition . Can’t expect none or that they are people we never heard about .

Uncle Samuel | July 12, 2014 at 7:20 am

Gaza and West Bank are the Islamist’s illegal occupation of Israel’s legal nation established by International Law.

Israel gave up 77% of the land allotted for a Jewish homeland in hopes of peace with the Islamists.

Every other surrender of land has been futile. Peace is not impossible with these people.

Islamists want all the world’s land and no Jews to exist. Islamists have been systematically invading every country on earth (except Japan, which does not allow muslims to immigrate). In every country muslims immigrate, they cause trouble and misery.