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Our blog friends in Israel

Our blog friends in Israel

With Israel on the cusp of a major conflict in Gaza and maybe beyond, pay a visit to and say a prayer for our blog friends in Israel, who are updating the events:

Israel Matzav — also known as Carl in Jerusalem.

Anne’s Opinions — also known as Anne in Petah Tikva.

IsraellyCool — also known as Aussie Dave.

The Muqata — also known as Jameel, “Wherever I may be, my blog turns toward Eretz Yisrael ”

An Israeli Soldier’s Mother —  Also known as Paula.

The Israel Defense Forces have taken to Twitter (@IDFSpokesman) to frame the narrative before the anti-Israeli international media can do so, and it’s driving them crazy.

Keep it up, with tweets like these:

And what clearly is a frontrunner for Tweet of the Year:


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9thDistrictNeighbor | November 14, 2012 at 10:16 pm

The IDFSpokesperson sure does a better job of communicating via Twitter than our Cairo Embassy. Nice to know that someone in this world still has a backbone.

Doesn’t that volume of tweeting by the IDF seem disproportionate? 🙂

Stand with Israel!!!

Oh, and then blow the hell out of those Hamas F–kers.

Outstanding! Thank you sir!

So the IDF is shaping the narrative. Perhaps the GOP ought to hire them. After the Israelis have shown them how to grow a backbone.
All the Best to Israel! May the Lord watch over the Righteous!

I didn’t see the Obama press conference today, but Hugh Hewitt said not a single question was asked about Israel today.

And he said, except for one or two questions, all that were thrown Obama’s way were softballs.

Imagine that.

Those of us without their heads up their obamas knew this was coming.

So now the election of a lunatic has started a war.

History repeats itself.

Now, don’t you think it’s time to get rid of Boeher von Hindenburg before he capitulates to our own little Hitler? And you KNOW he’s going to.

After a long exile, the Jews have returned home. It doesn’t appear that they will passively submit to another occupation. Stay true to your faith and good luck!

Is the IDF saying that all Hamas operatives should stay 6′ under, for their own health? 🙂

God Bless the Israelis. Prayers for their success against such wretched evil.

Hamas in Gaza is on twitter too, now.

My initial tweet to them this afternoon:

[email protected] How do you guys like eating IDF missile sandwiches? Yeah, we know you’re the Hamas In Gaza Twitter Acnt #p2 #tcot #bospoli

The Israelis need will need a resupply of armaments in any war they are in. They rely on the former United States for this supply. Do you really think the boy-retard will come through for them?

See? Just like in the old westerns where the good guys gives the bad guys warning.

who could ask for more?

All they have to do is STOP SHOOTING $%^%^** ROCKETS INTO ISRAEL!!!

Easey peasey.

Amazing twitter tweets equating Jabari hit to assassination of Lincoln and Kennedy. These are American and European journalists based in Cairo and Doha.

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The enemy of the left is freedom. Israel is free. (America was free — you’ll see to your horror in the days ahead, as the Obamacare ‘enabling act’ unfolds). Thus, the American left must demonize Israel. Judaism is associated with Israel — so that too must be demonized.

    The American left adores foreign dictators (envy) — unless they are friends of free nations. Putin, Imadinnerjacket, Chavez, Castro and the Hamas leadership are dictators who are no friends of free nations, and are adored by the American media. So to the left, the killing of a high Hamas leader is a killing of one of a beloved icon.

    Does everyone here truly understand the implications of the re-election of Barack Obama? This guy and his handlers are going to go all the way.

“We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.”

Au contraire. I recommend they do. 😀

C’mon, ya’ little Ham-ass wussies – show us what big brave “men” you are. Venture above ground. A lot.

I can’t do much, but I sure as heck can pray and you have those. May God keep you safe, because I doubt our “dear leader” will step up to the plate.

NY-Times OPENING Headline Daily Online Edition this a.m.:

“FEROCIOUS Israeli Assault on Gaza Kills a Leader of Hamas”,
by MSM-Pravda Lapdawgs:Isabel Kershner & Fares Akram.

Thank God for the IDF’s approach to Political Correctness, the Soft-Sell and the Butchers of Hamas! Baaaa-Daaaa-BOOOM!!

Wonder if we could trade the kenyan for Bibi straight up….

    Why would Israel want the kenyan?

      Don’t know. Why would we….?

        NeoConScum in reply to paddy. | November 15, 2012 at 7:54 pm

        WE don’t. However, Paddy, WE aren’t ‘deep’ enough to ‘get’ The Princeling..The Boy King..The Infant Majesty..See, the insensitive Mitt said that Obam-Bam GAVE ‘Gifts’ to his targeted masses. Now, even the Mikey Medveds of the Right are wagging their all-tolerant fingers at this “BAAAD” choice of words, blah, blah. WTF..!? Mitt simply stated the simple TRUTH. Duuuhhhhhhh… But, us’suns..? WE just don’t ‘Get’ Him.

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The hamas action in Gaza is to distract the IDF from attacking Iran.

Thank you for the link Professor. I feel truly honoured and humbled.

Things have been hotting up here today, with one (or two?) missiles fired at Tel Aviv. That is a huge escalation and seriously much too close to home for comfort for me, although I didn’t hear any sirens or explosions.

I feel rather more nervous now than I did yesterday, and I’ve just had the surreal conversation I always hoped never to have: I discussed with my son where we’re going to take shelter if there’s a siren in the middle of the night. We’ve decided we’ll take our chances with the neighbours (the kind where you prefer the missiles over them 🙂 ) and head for the bomb shelter downstairs. I’m going down now to unlock it. My husband’s abroad on business and I don’t like this feeling one bit.

My 3 married children phoned earlier offering me refuge. They all live in settlements around the West Bank, and that’s probably the safest place in the country. If it gets seriously bad here I’ll head out to my older daughter. She’s got a big house and a safe room. My son lives in a caravan (aka a trailer) and my younger daughter is living in a tiny studio flat. It would get a bit squashy in there.

But it’s madness that we even have to contemplate this.

Welcome to the Muddle East. (Typo intended).

Baruk Hashem Adonai Israel is forever
How exciting to live out the prophecy of Ezekiel!
Israelis are descendents of that great King David who started out challenging Goliath and we know how that worked out.
I pray for the peace of Jerusalem as the Tanakh commands
However, I also pray that the G-d of Israel shows up and shows off to all those infidels threatening his people of the covenant. Forget that skinny malevolent communist anti-semite usurper. Israel has the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to defend her. Bring it on, infidels!