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What did the @NRSC know, and when did it know it?

What did the @NRSC know, and when did it know it?

We need answers before the June 3 primary, as to who did what and who knew what and when.

If it turns out that the campaign of Chris McDaniel was involved in the taping of Thad Cochran’s wife in a nursing home, then it really doesn’t matter who knew what when. The damage would be, and should be, a game changer.

As of this writing, though, the proof either is not there or has not been made public. At most there is a cloud of suspicion because the alleged perpetrators were supporters and/or volunteers and/or prior acquaintances of McDaniel or the campaign.

But if it turns out either that we don’t get the answer until after the June 3 primary, or that the McDaniel campaign was not involved, then the fact that the story broke so close to the election is important.

We know one of the reasons the story broke so late — the Cochran campaign has admitted waiting at least two weeks to inform authorities. We don’t know exactly how many weeks beyond two weeks.

That pushed the story closer to the election which means we may not know the answer by June 3, which makes the seeming presumption of guilt based on the unknown potentially decisive.

Erick Erickson suggested early on that there might have been collusion between the Cochran campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. I don’t if that’s true or not.

One way to find out would be to find out when the NRSC, its staffers and strategists, found out about the taping.

If there was collusion to delay the story until closer to the election, we should know that. If there was no collusion to delay the story, should know that too. And we should know it prior to the election.

But as of this writing, I have not been able to get an answer to that question.


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I dunno any answers here, but I have formed the opinion that Dayspring is the very model of a Washington pajama boi, regardless of his part affiliation.

He’s not perfectly useless. But only because nobody’s perfect.

Earth to Brad. Thad Cochran was NOT the victim of a crime, his WIFE was. Being married to Thad might be why she’s messed up.

Henry Hawkins | May 23, 2014 at 9:16 pm

With so little time left, the stench of suspicion is enough.

Perhaps Camp Cochran has learned Camp McDaniel is innocent, but wouldn’t mind voters wondering about it for the next ten days or so.

Dayspring, there is no bigger Machiavellian. What’s to know? That’s the answer.

It was pretty obvious there was something McDaniel didn’t want to talk about in his first live radio interview after all this. It was quite a while after the incident and days after the news broke, so he ought to have been prepared.

One of those arrested is his former radio co-host. But don’t jump to any conclusions, right? Or the fact the same campaign aide who told media they knew nothing about the blog post left a voicemail for the Cochran campaign saying they knew for weeks?

No, instead, let us put our imagination caps on – you can make one quickly of foil – and suppose some dark conspiracy involving the victim’s husband. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Ignore the perfectly innocent explanations possible, like when they found out about it, they were unsure who arranged it. Was it someone at the home? That involves a different set of problems. Perhaps they didn’t want to rush to blame the opponent, or anyone. Maybe they wanted to make sure no relative or friend had posted the picture on Facebook before.

No, forget any presumption of innocence for the incumbent. He’s presumed guilty. But the purity of the “Tea Party” candidates is well established, of course.

Once again, poor vetting makes for lousy candidates makes for lost elections.

But blame it on Cochran, or NRSC, or the freaking Illuminati.

This is why people get labeled as “wacko birds” and “lunatic fringe.”

    chilipalmer in reply to Estragon. | May 25, 2014 at 6:43 am

    Which radio interview are you referring to? I heard him on with Mark Levin earlier this week and he sounded fine, nothing like you describe. What constitutes ‘news’ on events related to the upcoming Mississippi primary has yet to be determined. Perhaps you’re a member of the illuminati or a lobbyist for a chicken company and aren’t up to date. Chris McDaniel is by no means ‘unvetted,’ is a sitting state senator and has been elected twice. Mr. Cochran epitomizes the permanent political class that has destroyed this country and allowed the radical left to infest every corner of it. He’s been in congress since Jan. 1973. You don’t think 41 years is enough, you say let the lobbyists have him and us for six more. Thad Cochran more than most has enabled the multi-trillion dollar global warming fraud with his longtime support for the ethanol industry. In 2007 he broke with most Republicans and voted for George Bush’s deadly ethanol expansion. Everyone knows that ethanol causes mass starvation of the world’s poorest, even the UN has asked the US to stop it. But Cochran doesn’t want to. He even voted in 2007 for force the EPA to set up a non-public ethanol credit commodity exchange which has been great for criminals and Wall St., and has raised our gas at least 10 cents a gallon. Cochran has had daily access to a microphone for decades. He could have stopped global warming fraud long ago by citing the science that CO2 doesn’t cause global temp. increase, and that even if it did, global CO2 is controlled by China, there’s nothing the US can do to lower global CO2. Even the EPA has said this, but it’s never reported. Cochran was there in 1990 when G. Bush #1 mandated 13 fed. agencies and US taxpayers be bound to solving global warming and lowering CO2. It’s been made up all along. The whole scam is based on demonizing Americans. Since at least 1980 US taxpayer dollars have been going to support this fraud. Cochran has let us twist slowly in the wind for decades. Craven behavior doesn’t get rewarded with 6 more years.

If more than 48 hours elapse between the time you ask the question, When did the NRSC know about the recording, and the answer, then we must presume that they both knew and colluded with the Thad Cochran campaign. Burden of proof shifts to them, and they must be treated as guilty until they prove themselves innocent.

Go after them hammer and tongs. They colluded, they lied, they misled. They stab conservatives in the back. McDaniel is now presumed innocent. Etc.

I imagine the NRSC knew about the video the day it was on YouTube, like most politicos. However, I think the correct question is when did they know that persons in the McDaniel camp were involved and how did they find it out, through Cochran’s attorney’s investigation or when the Madison police began their arrests.

Stupid on 2 levels.

Why would a National Republican official bring up the “scandal” issue when McDaniel could be their nominee?

Second, it’s so revealing of DC that Cochran is living, going out publicly and traveling the world on the taxpayer’s dime with a woman on his Senate payroll while his wife is alive yet that’s NOT a scandal while a couple of knothead McDaniel “supporters” posting pictures of Cochran’s wife IS a scandal.